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Main Lift Progression

I’m thinking of trying two different progression schemes for the main lifts. One has a quicker weight increases. The other is a slower progression. I’ll probably end up trying both at some point but let me know what you think the pros and cons of each progression could be. Thanks

  1. Slower progression. All sets done with the same weight and only increased after the end of 6 weeks.

W1- 3x3
W2- 4x3
W3- 5x3
W4- 3x5
W5- 4x5
W6- 5x5
-All sets done with same weight. Slow progression. Volume increases each week.

  1. Faster progression

Weight is increased after Week 3

W1- 3x5
W2- 4x5
W3- 5x5

Increase weight 5-10lbs

W4- 3x3
W5- 4x3
W6- 5x3

Linear periodization works. However You may not be able to increase reps with the same weight or even sets. Its just depends on how slow of an approach you want.

What I would suggest is following a program that is already established as working and then when you becoming intermediate to advanced you can start to tweak as needed.

5th set, 5/3/1, West Side for Skinny Bastards, TriPhasic. Etc.

Not a bad progression but as corstijeir said, you may not be able to keep up.

If you want a similar progression adding a rep per week, look at Doug Hepburn’s program. That will be a little more to your liking as far as being able to realistically hit something already programmed ahead of time.