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Main Banner on T-Nation


Is it just me or has the banner at the top of the pages changed from T-Nation to Testosterone Nation? And did the colour's change from a blue to the red that is there now? Or am I just crazy and have way too much time on my hands?


My guess would be that you somehow changed your theme from the default 'Metal' to 'Copper'.
But without being able to see your screen, I don't really know -- you might just be crazy with way too much time on your hands; spoken by someone who fits that description...


Now i feel really stupid, I remember chaning my theme now. Its just sad when you relize you spend more time here then looking at porn....now wonder my wrists are feeling weaker.


Wow... guess my themes always been copper then, think ill try changing it now :smiley:


I had copper for a while then switched to dirty metal.

We need more themes.