mailorder aas

Have any of you read the book that tells you legit mailorder places, how to get a doctor to prescribe you juice, mailing your own packages without getting caught and so on…sounds really good. Just wonderng…

No, it just seemed like a way to make money, containing nothing a person with a little common sense couldn’t figure out.

I thought this was about mailorder ass. Damn.

Don’t waste your money. If you wanna spend some money on an informative book, then buy Legal Muscle, by Rick Collins. It’s one of the best investments you can make.

i read this wrong. i thought it said mailorder ASS.

is there an echo? :wink:

I want to know where you can get some of that mailorder ass. Get me some of that foreign 'tang.

no echo, his post didn’t show when i read this. i get russian mail order bride spam all the time.

Mailorder ASS is acceptable to talk about - AAS sources should never be talked about in a public form. That’s the quickest way to get a source closed down - or the client busted.

i am selling a book about mailorder ass. please send me $5000 and ru12nvme will show up at your door with his donkey schlong. the rest is between you two.

Drago, are you implying that you wanna play good touch, bad touch again? :o

ha ha ha;…im just sitting back and enjoyin this

ABSOLUTELY NOT. i have concluded that all of your touches are bad. i wont be fooled by your trickery anymore!

ABSOLUTELY NOT. i have concluded that all of your touches are bad. i wont be fooled by your trickery anymore!

Not even for a truckload of trenbolone Acetate and Primobolan?

hmmmmmm, a truckload? ok maybe one more time. but that is it. dont even ask again. you make me fart cum for a week! bastard!

The maturity level in here is quite interesting. I have looked around the net and done some searching. Looks to me like you just take your chances with some of the online pharmacy sites.Caveat Emptor.

There are some good articles on this site about mail order. I saw some refrence to Pharma group in some posts in this forum but they were 18 plus months old. Good luck …

i agree. we need to move this forum into the uppercrust of society. jesus, what do you want man? you are corresponding with a group of guys that look forward to sticking needles into there bodies for several months at a time. not to mention the levels and types of chemicals being injected. if you want maturity join a chess club.

Hey, mature guys can be sickos too! I love chess, and am quite good at it.

I shoot Tren in my body each day, EQ and Test each week, and today my buddy caught me squeezing the grease from a eggroll with three napkins wrapped around it - and he just laughed at the irony about what I choose to place and not place in my body.

Hey, Tren is good, grease is bad.

It’s the holiday season, lighten up scrooge. Gosh some people always wanting to piss in the eggnogg. Tis the season.

you got it wrong. Tren is great!!! and so is vagina!!! Now seeing drago1’s ass is something I can do without, but feel free to keep up these great conversations. I look forward to laughing my ass off everytime I sign in to this site.