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Mailman Sh*ts in Guy's Yard


When you gotta go, you gotta...

PORTLAND, OR â?? Last Wednesday morning, Don Derfler was waiting for the mailman. According to Derfler, when he saw him out his front window, â??He started pulling his pants down and started defecating,â?? Derfler said. â??At that point I grabbed my camera and started to take pictures.â?? The series of photos that resulted show the dirty deed.

Officials with the postal service were quick to offer an apology. â??Weâ??re taking this very seriously, and I really want to apologize to our customers and to the public at large,â?? said U.S. Postal Service employee Ron Anderson. â??For the years Iâ??ve worked for the postal service, Iâ??ve never heard of an incident like this, and I hope I never do again.â??

Derfler said his wife did not believe him when he told her. He showed her the pictures to prove his point. Oh, joy.

Derfler was quoted as saying â??We trust people like the postal service and the meter readers to come on our property but to defecate on it is just wrong.â??

Postal inspectors arrived later in the day to clean up.

Postal employees were reported as saying that sometimes there are no facilities when you have to go. A local TV station found public bathrooms nearby. It was noted in news accounts that none of the photos include the mail carrier wiping or using hand sanitizer. Thankfully, the carrier didnâ??t attempt an ass-drag in the grass.

The mail carrier â?? whose name was withheld â?? has been suspended without pay.


when you gotta go you gotta go


Snapping pictures? What happened to running over there and hit the fucker with a stick? Then rub his nose in it.


Let the rottweiler out, problem solved.


Exactly. Or even just ask him what the fuck he's doing shitting in the yard. Hell, even just a solid "NO. Bad mailman!" probably would have caused him to pucker up.


Having just moved to Portland a little over 2 months ago, I can say that this is the passive-aggressive capitol of the world and the mailman probably thought the dude wasn't home. Also, if you like sunshine don't come here. This place sucks.


Even your dog looks sad ^


Is it really like that? I went their on a solo vacation a few summers ago and everyone seemed so nice. One girl I met at bar even picked me up the next day and drove me around town and took me to the falls. But then again, she might've been telling her friends she's hanging out with an asshole from Jersey so who knows lol. She mentioned the weather in the Summer is great but the rest of the months it sucked ass.

It was one of my top 3 cities along with Denver and San Diego.


My brother-in-law lived there for a few years and had nothing but good things to say about the city, the community, and people.


"What he left behind was nothing resembling mail" hahahahah.


I work for the Postal Service.

We're timed(and often followed)to make sure we finish our routes on time. If we deviate(even for the bathroom) when it's not our designated lunch time, there are circumstances where we will get suspended/disciplined/whatever. It's a very bad and unprofessional atmosphere, probably reflective of how the rest of the Federal govt is run as well.

There's no excuse for crapping in the yard, though. Unless the guy lets his dogs chase you around. Then, it's on.



Don Derfler looks exactly like what I had imagined a guy named Don Derfler would look like.


The people here are nice, but there's a glaring lack of overall common sense, the passive aggressiveness is off the charts, the sun apparently only shows for about 3 months out of the year, NO ONE knows how to drive, it rains EVERY FUCKING DAY and the 9 or so months that the sun isn't out it's as grey and gloomy as anywhere you can imagine. There's a reason that this area is the suicide capitol of the world. If none of that shit would bother you than I can see how one would like it. But, I'm from Texas. This place sucks.


Hahahaha. That's pretty funny dude.




poor guy, maybe he had an stomachache.


LOL @ Don Derfler. Phenomenal interview my man


I run a nice restaurant. One day I'm looking at my 16 surveill cameras and I see, in broad daylight, not 10 feet from our main entrance - this 400 pound obese piece-of-shit, taking a piss in our trashcan/ashtray. It was all I could do to NOT attack his stupid ass. Found some cops nearby and they gave him a ticket for disorderly or some shit.

Not a day goes by where I'm not reminded how UTTERLY FUCKING STUPID PEOPLE ARE.


LOL ! ! ! !


Don Derfler looks retarded