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Mailing Powder?

What is the chance of AAS powder getting confiscated by customs? The only stuff I’ve had mailed to me is Stealth and Paper products. I can maybe see pills being safe, but amps and raw powder always seemed iffy.

I’ve got a reputable source for powder, but I’m unsure of any special considerations. If anyone is experienced in ordering from a powder source, is it relatively safe? We’re talking less than 150g, but I’d imagine customs would pick up on powder pretty easily.


Impossible to give you an estimate.
Sometimes shit gets through, sometimes it gets nabbed.
Most reputable sources are pretty good at disguising it as a different substance, but, its always a crap shoot.

It depends on your source. If he is any good - you should have no problems.

However - customs has tightened up like a virgin butthole lately. It took the better part of a month to get a pack from China.

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They can’t keep it up indefinetly, this has to be a temporary thing.

The sheer volume presents issues of manpower, the Euro’s have tariffs that limit trade with China.

US big business is addicted to cheap chinese labor and goods. It is like crack for CEO’s.

If they continue to slow everything down, businesses will start to complain, and we all know that China to US trade must be kept going at all costs!

Thanks for the responses guys. I’m going to order a small shipment next week sometime. I’ll let you know how the process goes.


Powder can actually be more dangerous than amps, tabs, or vials. If you have over a certain amount with premade gear you can be charged with intent to distribute… with powder you can be charged with intent to manufacture, distribute and then of course tax evasion… because I mean who pays taxes on illegal crap. That being said, powders are probably easier to get by customs but the risk you take if it is confiscated is greater.

As I have stated before, this riskyness is aggrevated by the fact that powder guys like to ship in bulk kilo plus quanities.

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But it may take some searching to find one that does, and since prices are so cheap relative to amps and vials you may be tempted to just buy the bulk quanities.