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Mailing Gear


Hi guys,

I'm pretty new around here on the AAS forum, And usually don't post just read most of the forum stuff, but nether the less I have a quick question,

I am heading to Thailand this summer and was wondering how easy it would be/repercussions of mailing gear back to Canada?
Anyone have experience on this?



I had a shipment from Thailand seized by Canadian Customs. It could have been bad luck or bad timing as there was a tightening in both Canada and the US a couple of months ago. It seems to have returned to normal (less tight) from what I hear. Nonetheless, I have 3 successful deliveries to the US (none seized yet) and my first order to Canada was seized. Take that for what its worth.

If I were you, I would order online if you can find a decent source instead of mailing it back yourself. Why, you ask? Because if your personally handled shipment is seized you are shit out of luck. Whereas if your online order is seized, they will generally reship at no cost to you as they did for me.


Unfortunately Thailand is one of those countries that I believe would be "flagged" for those types of shipments. Any place where pharmaceuticals are purchased without a script seems to be harder to get stuff back to the U.S. and especially Canada.


Are their penalties/consequences of your mail being found to contain gear besides the obvious of it being taken away?


Normally no. In my case it was seized by greedy customs officials probably for their own use or to sell. They didn't include a seizure letter and simply forwarded the package along it's merry way sealed by customs tape. I excitedly went to pick it up at the post office since I wasn't home when it was delivered and was shocked to find the container the goods were supposed to be in had been emptied with no letter included. As long as you don't claim a package when they advise you of seizure, you can claim you know nothing obout it.


sometimes.. it depends on how much it is, and how much of an asshole someone decides to be. I've seen slaps on the wrists, community service and jail time.


I doubt they stole the gear DH, the fact that customs tape was used is all they need to do to tell you it has been inspected.

As for not claiming - how on earth does one do that? The two ways you get a package are straight to your door, where it is handed to you personally or in your PO box, which IS automatic claiming AFAIK.

Plus if it is in the PO box or in the Post Office, you'd need to go and pick it up to see that it had been inspected in the first place!

Or am i missing the point?


Valid points.

1) It is just speculation that they lifted my gear for their personal benefit. Mixed with a dose of dissapointment and frustration at the missing 1000 tabs of BD 5mg dbol. It would seem normal to include some notification appart from the tape, but agreed this may be quasi standard practice. I don't have any other experience in this area. The envelope was delivered registered mail to my home address when I was not present so the postman left a card with pickup instructions. I went to the post office and picked up the delivery to discover the dbol had been intercepted.

2) When I refered to not claiming a shipment. I meant in the case when you are notified by customs officials that a delivery destined for you has been intercepted as illegal contraband and giving instructions on how to claim it. In that case, one should definitely not incriminate himself.

Bottom line is you don't want to mess with customs if at all possible to stay clear.


I agree, because you can ship the AAS to anyone, to any address without that persons knowledge. So you would have be pretty stupid to get caught.

1) You order and it gets seized. You get a letter in the mail, just say you have no knowledge of that shipment. There is virtually no proof that you ordered it.


Steroid laws here are a bit strange, but much more relaxed than in the US.

Importing and exporting steroids is a punishable offense. So is buying and selling. But they would have to prove that you sought to purchase steroids from Thailand. I seriously doubt they are going to throw you in the can for shipping a couple of vials of test or whatever.

If you are somehow caught with steroids (small enough to be considered for personal use), you're off the hook.
Steroids are Class IV substances according to our dumb government...

"Schedule IV: It is not an offence to possess a Schedule IV substance for personal use; however, Subsection (2) of Section (4) of the CDSA states that "no person shall seek or obtain a substance or authorization from a practitioner to obtain a substance in schedules I through IV." Subsection (7) then states that it is an indictable offence to contravene subsection (2). Therefore, it is an indictable offence to attempt to acquire a Schedule IV substance but not an offence for possession. Section 5 provides that possession for the purpose of trafficking of a Schedule IV substance is an offence."


I have to disagree, if they wanted to, the authourities would make light work of finding enough evidence on your PC.. even those who consider themselves 'careful'.

Unless you specifically use encryption software, it is a no-brainer for them if they chose to bust you.
Oz authorities are much more likely to bust you relating a failed delivery AFAIK..


very true Brook. but if that's if they want to. i could see them going through the hassle to put you away if you were importing a crate of steroids. that's a totally different story.

but seriously, are they gonna CSI you for a vial of test? it costs money to pry through someone's computer. all to put together a case to, at the most, put you away for a maximum of 18 months.

i can only speculate for canada. don't you remember possession is legit in o'canada, eh?


Interesting contributions marc. Thanks..


I was Just wondering if any one knew what the legality of this in Australia is? As in what could happen if the goods were to be seized?


This is brilliant, you do know that every department has brave crusaders that are out to protect blonde American children from the evils of all drugs right? They bust you with anything, they will make it their while.