Mail Orders

Will someone please give me info. on the mail orders? Are they safe and which are the safest? Any info would be nice to have.

Hi, I’m a cop! Who wants to rat on their dealer?!


Hi, I’m a dumb guy. Someone please rip me off!

Take your pick.

How and why do you think I am a cop? Talking about some bias. I am not asking for any secrets, god knows I wouldn’t rat anyone after my history in the powerlifting game. Just want a simple answer to my question. PM me if you wish. You don’t even know my creditials.

I thought this was a hard core place where I could get some answers.


This is a hardcore place. If you were an experienced powerlifter you might understand why no one on this board would give you anything on your first post.

Ok, very understandable. I wouldn’t give me any info either I guess. That was pretty stupid. You got me. Here’s the deal. I want to get back into powerlifting. I’ve been out of it for awhile, I lifted West Side in Columbus for awhile in the late ninties. I’ve done the chain lifts and West Side program in the past. I’ve done some gear in the past, also. I’m a little out of touch with the new methods but I am learning all over again. Should I stop there and go elsewhere to explain myself? I was just wanting some info.

there are many diffrent site you can use depending on how much money you want to spend and if you are willing to take the risk. there are legal places and dr that can help you. granted they are more expensive than underground sources and out of country places, but you don’t have to worry about anything.

do a search for hormone replacement therapy and/or testosterone replacement therapy and you should get an ide of what’s out there. i’ve used two legal places, but i went in person and i know they have websites that you can order from. there are two in florida and one in michigan that i’ve used. they are good and if you have insurance than sometimes it can get covered. plus, you know it’s legit because it comes from a pharmacy here in the us…then you have the ligit “other” pharmacies that usually only come from reliable refrences and as much as i’d love to help you out… you gotta do this on your own.

there are three good ones with great prices and are very reliable. they have the best prices around. Quality Vet’s deca 300 from $55-$75 and Q.V. test for as low as $15.00!!! that’s low!! plus the ship for like $7.00 . you just mighthave to do some research. we all did it at one point ourselves.

good luck and make wise decisions. pm me with some ideas and i’ll tell you if you are heading in the right direction. but don’t ask me for a source :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. You led me in the right direction. I have done the internet searches and have come up empty on some the rx sites. I am really appreciative for the info.