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Mail Order; Live in US


i've waited and thought, waited and kept lifting... I've decided i want to use AAS but was wondering who else in the US has "tainted" packages come through customs? i have no issue with the part after i have the gear in my hands (i can get over the needle part), but having mail order gear through customs scares the shit outa me.

are there several people who have success in doing this?




I do...or do I?


you can PM me answers. im curious just how harsh customs is on small amounts of AAS


if your package gets snagged (unlikely) you will get a letter from them..ignore the letter and get a new shipping address and it all goes away.

When you start ordering large amounts and/or powders, and they intercept your packages.. they will definitely start keeping their eyes on you. They might even pay you a visit.


is this from experience? i'd hate to ruin my mid-late 20's by spending them in jail for a victimless crime.


lol you are paranoid as fuck.


Well hell dude, if I knew someone well enough to talk to here in US I wouldn't have to ask. But I'm not about to do something when I don't know how high the risk is.


Tens of thousands of Americans order internationally.. A friend of mine received all of his international orders without a single customers letter.

if you are really that concerned, read "legal muscle" by Rick Collins. That will help you to assess the risks involved.

It really varies by your state, but I am telling you, simple possession is generally a misdemeanor if..and that is IF you ever get caught.


A "friend" has done it and got his packages with no problems. However, the gear turned out to be fake. He ran 40mg DBol ED and 750mg Sustanon every week, for 4 weeks and didn't gain a pound or have any sides. Training hard and eating 5,000kcal/day. He gave up because it was obviously junk. They were very convincing counterfeits, he might add, and the seller was reputed to be reliable based on several trusted recommendations. $400 down the drain. The source may not have even known, fake stuff is apparently sold even at pharmacies in Thailand. He has told me that he probably wouldn't do it again since he was burned, and will probably stick to TRT and brewing his own Tren in the future. So to sum it up, I'd be more worried about being screwed out of your money than any legal trouble. But I guess that could be equally true buying from stateside UGL's. Although at least in that case you can usually confront your source.


Bro PM me, ill hook you up with hundreds of people that do it everyday, myself included


Their was a post on professionalmuscle about people gettings arrested for 2 vials of Test. I recall they got 1.5 years. Its pretty common to have packages intercepted internationally, I dont take that chance anymore its not worth it. Ive have 3 packages seized (under different names and addresses).

I would find a domestic source, faster shipping, and no customs. In my opinion its worth paying an extra 20$ for a vial of test than face over 20k in lawyer, court fees, and never having a credible job again.


Most domestic sources are far more of a risk at getting busted with your info, dont do it unless they take payment out of country. WU and Alert pay are easy to track and they are the reason most Domestics get busted, when they hack into their computer and get your order info then you might be prone to a visit, but I dought it. The site that I MOD customs catches packages everyday and ive never heard of one person getting in trouble. that doesnt mean it wont happen but it is rare. Most of the time youll just get a letter that says your shit was taken, forward that to the supplier and get a reship.


Truth is. Customs just doesn't care about your 200 dolllars worth of test and dbol. They dont have the time or the money to pursue all the small time punks who just buy for themselves or their buddies.

Steroids just don't cause that many issues in our society, they have better things to worry about. We dont have enough police officers as it is to be pulling them off of real cases and going after joe college student who wants to be the biggest bro on campus just isnt doable.

Im a big fan of the police, they keep all my nice shiny things in my possession. Dont give them a reason to believe that youre trying to cause problems and they will usually leave you alone to shoot poorly manufactured Chinese steroids into your body in the comfort of your own home.

When they accidently stumble upon your stuff during the process of looking for real drugs and other nefarious shit, as long as its clear youre no dealer, and are just a punk you wants bigger arms, they take your stuff and send you a "finger wag" letter.


4 weeks of serious training and 5,000 kcal and not a single pound gained... Tell your friend he's a cunt who shouldn't consider using before he actually learns to achieve results.


He didn't just start lifting one day and run a four-week cycle, bro. He's been at this a couple years and gained 30lbs before he ever touched AAS. Certainly not pro but his training and diet are basically sound. He gave up on the cycle after four weeks because he realized it was junk. I'll pass on that you think he's a cunt, though. Have a nice day.


You realize that by quoting the word 'friend' you completely negated your perceived sense safety of writing an anonymous post. I just found it funny, that's all. Carry on. Oh and the DEA is not stupid, if they want to bust you, using the word 'friend' instead of 'I' is not going to stop them.


I'm aware of that, I was just being humorous. Or rather he was.