Mail order advice PLEASE!

I ordered some Test and some Proviron over the Internet from a Mexican Pharmacy. About three weeks later I received two letters in the mail, one from the US Border Patrol and one from Homeland Security, both stating that my packages had been seized. A week later I received the same letters again. Then about ten (10) days later I got a message from the US Postal Service that I had a certified letter that needed to be signed for from The US Customs Office. I didn?t go to the Post Office to get the letter but I need some advice. Anybody else dealt with this? What should I do? Do I need to worry? If I ignore it will it go away?

Why the fuck would you order steroids/drugs/chemicals WITHOUT a perscription over the internet? I’ve never had this happen, so I don’t know what to say. Whatever you do, DON’T pick up your packages… let them go.

Well as soon as customs seen package from Mexico
the red flag went up. Cut your loses and move on.
Do not sign anything

The guys from Utah, maybe rural Utah. Finding a alternatives may not be an option. Not sure that a Mexican pharmacy was the best choice. I agree…let it go. At a minimum you could send a letter claiming you have no idea what they are talking about and obviously there has been a mistake. In ordering anything off the internet is a major risk.

Do a search on this site. At one time there was a lot of discussion about websites.

department of homeland security???

wtf did you order, anthrax?

You guys remember the Patriot Act, right? Well, that wasn’t just for terrorists.

Go and sign for it and let us know what happens. Good luck.

lmao creed

Yes, listen to creed…then…in the jail your in, hope they have the internet so we can here when you and Bubba are getting married.
Just remember…Bubba’s not f%^&ing you…you f%^&ed yourself.

P-DOG don’t you know that everytime you buy illegal drugs you are supporting terrorism[cut to 9/11 footage]. Steriods more harmful than we all thought.(Remember the marijuana commercials, damn they crack me up)

Gotta go domestic, its worth the extra money.

“Where did you get this?”


Gotta love anti-drug commercials

Kenbkr is right. Forget the packages and move on. The moment you sign for that letter you are fucked. My advice is buy local and let someone else worry about customs.

“If I ignore it will it go away?”

?!?!? WTF?!
Sure, of course, this is just like anything else in life, like those parking tickets I never paid, or that child support I keep blowing off, or that rash on my genitals I never talked to my doctor about…

This strikes me as a kind of “Steroid Darwinism.”

Sometimes I think the I.Q. of a body builder is no higher than his socks.

The Patriot Act wasn’t just for terrorists? It wasn’t for terrorists at all. If you read it, its geared toward citizens of this country. Wake up and get rid of these a-holes.

Looks like someones going to be getting some cornholin’ in the pokie!