Maiden's First Show Recap

I’m not very good at long detailed write-ups, so i’ll keep this to the point.

Result: Placed 3rd out of three in novice short class and 3rd out of three in mens open medium class. While there were some poses I believe I had them beat on, they were all either bigger, leaner, or bigger and leaner than me overall.

I was very humbled and impressed by the level of competition that showed up. The competitors that beat me in my class were not even the best there.

Training: I worked with stu for the show. I am very pleased with how this went. The prep lasted a little over 14 weeks. Throughout the prep I did not have one cheat meal, one ounce of alcohol, and missed maybe two workout sessions due to work or family obligations. It really was an exercise in discipline and was not easy by any means. I definitely learned a lot from stu and there is a lot I can take and apply to my workouts and diet from here on out.

For the future: I need to bring up my legs, specifically hamstrings, and either start my prep leaner or have a longer prep. Right now though, another show is the last thing I want to think about. The way I’ve been eating last night and today I may be better suited for a hotdog eating competition!

Here are some pics:



1st place in the middle, 2nd on the right

Mens open, black dude second, long hair white dude first

Post up the stage shots you sent me earlier (RDB and Side Tri)! You looked much crisper in those!



Here they are:


Winner middle, second on left

Side tri


Edit: im kinda blind it seems :smiley:

Damn! Congrats bro!

Congrats. Back looks awesome!

Congrats on your first competition Maiden. I agree with stu, and i think you had them beat in the side tri and rear double bi poses.

Nice work, especially for your first go around! Back is very impressive.

Hike up those trunk next time to give your waist more of a V, straight across visually widens your waist.

Enjoy eating.

your back is completely ridiculous

Upper body looked awesome, especially back, as others stated. Your legs do definitely need a lot of work to catch up though.

Although it must be a little disheartening getting third of three, it shouldn’t be in this case. All three of you looked great, it looks very close between the three of you. I’ve definitely seen pics of natty shows you would win with that physique. Congrats man, great work.

Myosin: I agree about the trunks, thanks. That’s one of the first things I noticed when I went over the pics. Live and learn I guess.

Gmoore: Thanks man. I do think I held my own, but my placing was deserved. I definitely did my research before entering the show, and the pics I saw of other novice bbers had me pretty confident I would do well lol. I was pretty impressed with the level of competition here. The novice in the tall class won the novice overall so the two that beat me were not even the best. Also, To get as lean as the guy the won the open overall I probably would have had to lose another 6-10 lbs.

Another thing: most of the pics do not do these guys justice. They looked much bigger and leaner in person, believe me.

Pics were posted online today, see if these links work:


Front double bi

side tri

Rear double bi-novice

Side tri novice- here you can really see that my legs lag compared to the other two guys

Heres 2 from 5 days out:


Just to shoe the difference between no tan and the tan. Looking back, I rushed my tan at the show. I put the dream tan on too close to my stage time and put oil (pam) on before the tan had a chance to dry, which i think smoothed me out a bit and made a mess. Newbie mistakes. Regardless, I would have placed the same.

Back is awesome, everything else is lagging. Just my opinion of course.
Side tri was sick tho.
Stick with it, was a close shot

Those stage shots look good. You should be proud brother, great showing for a first time competitor. Like I’ve said countless times; you can’t control who else shows up, just be proud of what you’ve accomplished.