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Mahwah's Powerlifting Log


So I've decided to give this log thing a try.

A little background on myself, I have been lifting weights since 1995 with different priorities along the way. I began training as a powerlifter at the beginning of '08. I lift raw in the SPF, 181 class. I have four meets under my belt with my best lifts going 465/345/570 for a 1380.

When I began I used some of the Westside principles and had a lot of help from the owner of my gym, who has been competing for over 17 years. Since then I have used Coan/Phillippi a few times and have put 80 pounds on my DL with it.

I will be starting Smolov on the 1st of June, which is the reason I have decided to start this log. The goal is to get my squat up and over the 500# mark.

Right now, my next planned meet is Oct 31. And I want an elite total.



First day back lifting since the meet. Low back is still tight, but I guess that's what happens when you're stuck in a car for 7 hours after lifting a bunch of weight...

1a. Squat
135, 225, 275, 315, 345, 370 x 5

1b. Incline Bench
135, 155, 175, 195 x 8 x 3

1c. Pullups (wide)
BW x 8 x 6

I mainly wanted to get the feel of the weight on my back and get a set of 80%x5 for the squats. I'll be taking tomorrow off and getting a little something done on Sat before the beginning of hell on Monday.

Oh, yeah, I use that crazy reverse Russian way of writing reps and sets.
Weight x Reps x Sets



I'll be following.


Very cool, good to see another Coan veteran on the board.


Are you starting Smolov on Monday? I hear that does good things for your Squat.

And if so, are you doing the Intro Cycle?


Yessir, I am starting Monday. If I get half the progress you made, I will be a very happy camper.

I am not doing the intro. I had originally only planned on doing Jr, but figured if I'm gonna do it, I might as well do it all the way. I feel like I am ready condition-wise, we'll soon see.

Also, looking at the calendar, 11 weeks will take me through the summer right to my next meet prep cycle, with a couple weeks break of course.


Sounds good. My advice would be to start your recovery methods with the first session. Don't wait until your knees/hips/shoulders/elbows are screaming at you. Shoulder/hip mobility, ice after sessions, foam rolling, contrast showers, knee and elbow sleeves while Squatting, whatever works best. But most importantly eat and sleep.

Make Squatting your only priority, and Smolov will reward you well.


Excited about this man. good luck! looking forward to see who crushes who, smolov or yourself...


That pic looks like it was from Nationals this past weekend, how did you do?


I did very well.

Set PR's on all lifts (vid's in my profile). Only missed two lifts, and one was a fourth attempt.

Obviously, you were there. Did you compete?


Those numbers look damned close to elite numbers.

[modi rubs salt in wounds]

Smolov will get you there. You will total elite by the end of the year. I have total confidence.


congrats! I had planned on being there but couldnt make it. I havent competed in the SPF yet. I might be able to later in the year. Ill be sure to check those videos out.


wow those are some great lifts


Since you're gonna be an ass about it, I might as well show the masses the lift that cost me my elite total...

485 bytheway


The SPF is a great federation, but of course I haven't competed in any others. Jesse does a great job and seems to put the lifters first.

They do seem to have quite a few meets in and around TN, so you should be able to get in a few meets without having to travel too far.

Oh, and thanks for the compliments.


Looks like the spotters were spot on at the comp. Always good to see that.


The Calm Before The Storm

1a. incline db press - 55, 70, 85, 95, 105*10
1b. facepulls - 65, 75*12*4

2a. 1 db Row - 100, 110, 115, 125*8
2b. ab wheel - 12*4

Just had to scratch the itch. Wanted to get in the gym, but knew I needed to take it easy as Monday will be the beginning of my Smolov cycle.

I'm still trying to figure out what I'm gonna do for my upper body training. I know that I want to take it as easy on the lower back as possible, also the shoulders and elbows.

So I'm thinking chest supported rows, floor presses, all the wonderful prehab type exercises (facepulls, seated db cleans, wall slides, etc.). Maybe some pullups, lat pulldowns, dips to unload the spine. Don't know about ab work?

Haven't really gotten the schedule ironed out, but probably something light and easy to finish Monday's 4 sets of 9. The majority of the upper body work on Tuesday. MAYBE something easy following squats on Wed (5 sets of 7). Thursday and Sunday OFF.

If anyone with any experience in this Smolov thing can offer up advice, it would be very much appreciated.


Yeah, I've been to a few to watch. They are ran almost perfect. I may try to get in a meet soon...well hopefully.


I didn't see any Bench work, other than the Floor Presses in there. I think you can/should include some just to stay in the groove. I subbed some 3 boards in when I was feeling beat up, but I don't think you need to avoid Benching all together.

During Sheiko I was training Abs 3 days/week, but didn't train them at all during Smolov, same with Low Back, they just get enough stimulus from all the Squatting.

I did a fair amount of Lat Pulldowns and didn't have any problems with them, and I think you could get away with the Chest Supported Rows. I would have done them if I had access to a machine.

Looking back on it, the first 9x4 was tough because I wasn't used to high reps, but after that, the 9x4's weren't too bad. 7x5's felt just about right to me. 5x7's were probably the hardest, just because the load went up 5% from the previous workout and you don't feel like 5 reps is a break, and still have to do 2 extra sets. I actually liked the 10x3's. The set is over before you know it, and you are moving some serious loads by week 3, but somehow you do it. I think I always found the second half of the workout better than the first. When you finish your first set, you just can't think, shit, 9 more sets. Just get through the first 5, and then start counting down (same for 7 set day).

Your going to kick ass on this program. And it will be fun to watch someone suffer a little. You will have to work through some aches and pains. They come with the territory. Since it looks like you Squat somewhat High Bar, I don't think your shoulders will take quite as much of a beating as mine did, but it also looks like you have a narrow hand placement, so watch your elbow stress. And if you don't have a foam roller, I would really recommend getting one. I can give you recommendations if you want.


Thanks for the input, Modi.

I did plan on having some other bench work in there, I just wasn't very thorough with that last post. Advice on intensity, any max work (1's, 3's, 5's) or should I stick with higher reps?

I think, going in my main concern is my elbow. I had a flare up during that last training cycle and eventually got on top of it with ice and a more dedicated warm up. So, I will definitely be taking your advice about being proactive on the recovery front.

I do have a foam roller and a softball that I use on my hips and quad/ITB. I also have a massage therapist that I trade out with. 90 minute massage every week, HELL YEAH!