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Mahlers Aggressive Strength for MMA

First of all let me explain why this review took so long. Firstly the DVD took a while to get here, second my computer shat itself and then my ISP decided to shit itself. now that everything is fix (and i have time to write a reveiw) here is the review.


Great presentation, user friendly you could actually skip directly to a particular drill if you wanted to go over it again. Mikes demonstration of each drill at a real speed and diffrent angles was great, you could really see how the drills are meant to be preformed. taking the DVD for what it is (a guide for conditioning martial artists) it was great and full of superb drills that do carry over into real fights.Each exercise was performed in detail, often giving explainations including: targeted muscles, which muscles to ephasize while performing.

the DVD also Includes both body weight and kettlebell exercises. Primary audience is the martial artist, but can be utilized by any serious athlete who would like to advance their training, the DVD introduces many inventive and functional new movements to add welcome variety to any training program (I am a certified RKC and i actually learnt some great new drills).


I cant really pick fault with mikes DVD, It wouldnt work on some DVD players but that would be about it. I would have liked to see some more verbal nstruction for people who might not be able to get the hang of some drills. Also this DVD isnt for an unconditioned person as a certain amount of strength is needed. But then they dont have to use big Kettlebells like mike does.

How was the production quality?:

Very good and a lot better than iI actually expected, especially considering mike and one of his family members actually did all the work.

What was the most interesting thing you learned?:

The diversity of mike mahler and kettlebell drills in general as well as the Head Stand Leg Raise (its a killer trust me). Also how much renegade man makers can make my older brother cry.

Should T-Nation readers pick up a copy?:

Yes they should, being T-Nation readers we should all train in case civilisation is temporary, this DVD and the drills it contains could give us the edge when we need it most.

Overall rating: ***** (five stars)


I tried doing 20 renegade man makers and made it to 15 straight off the bat, I almost threw up and was sore the days afters with a huge amount of DOMS in my pecs. I also did short 20-30 minute cycles every day just to experiment. I was slightly bigger (by looks anyway) and leaner. I also put my brother through some of my circuits and he ended up getting into a fight after the first week. I didnt see the fight but apparently he was able to keep going for quite a whiel until the police showed up. all in all this is a must have and indeed will add soem diversity to your training routines. it wont make you a better fighter (in terms of actually being able to fight) unless you are already a fighter but it will increase your chances of srvival.

Simon Forsyth RKC