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Mahler/Thibaudeau Workshop is On in NYC!


Just wanted to let everyone know that Christian and I have decided to team up once again to do another workshop. This time the workshop will be on the east coast in NYC. The exact date has not been finalized yet, but the workshop will be in mid to late August, 2004. The location will be set shortly.

Also, my brother will be filming the entire workshop. My brother Roger did a killer job with my DVD which has been a big hit. So expect a top notch DVD/video. Christian and I will be selling the video to the mass market after the workshop.

However, the first 10 people to pre-register for the workshop will get a FREE COPY of the DVD. Thus, in addition to getting in at a steep discount, you get a FREE COPY of the Workshop in DVD format to refer to in order to make sure that you really learn all of the incredible stuff that we are going to cover. After the first ten people have enrolled, you will have to purchase the DVD/Video like everyone else for $149.95!

Okay, here is what you need to do right now. Send me an email at mahler25@yahoo.com and say you want in. I will send you an email with more info about the workshop inluding pricing and how to pre-register.

Mike Mahler


Just bumping it on up, and 5 people have already enrolled for the workshop. There is only space for 5 more for the free DVD.