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Maher vs. Miller


Got home a few hours ago, switched on HBO and got a full helping of Dennis Miller's new Vegas show. Right now, Bill Maher's "I'm Swiss" show from 2005 is on. Both are perhaps the leading comedians of the pro/anti war movements. Just wondering which comedian is more favored on the board. If you have a vote let it be known, and why...


Dennis Miller used to be funny, but he doesn't really cut the mustard anymore.


Bill Maher has some crazy, crackpot view that sneak out sometimes. But I do think he is funny. Miller is not.


Miller voted for Bush, therefore he is good!!!


Seriously, I watched the same show last night. Funny as hell!!!

dems will hate it!!!



we watched miller last night on hbo and thought he was great!!!!
I was laughing out loud at some of his immigration stuff.
I have never liked bill maher, I always found him to be arrogant douchebag who thinks he knows more than everybody else. He talks down to people on his show and just has this shitty aura about himself.

the only time I liked maher is when he was kicked off his show for being too "politically incorrect". Back then I supported him since I thought he got the shaft, but now I just think he's a prick who only has a career cause he kneels before the annoited elite of the intellectuals and hollywood.

You could easily say that miller has taken sides himself. he used to be a hardcore libertarian and was more left of center than anything else, especially back in his SNL days. Or, at least, that was my interpretation of him back in those days.

I guess I like Miller more because he says a lot of things that I agree with, call it the angry white man syndrome I guess.


I will have to check out Miller's new stand-up. He was horrible on Leno promoting it. But maybe the comedy itself is funny.


I love Dennis Miller's comedy. Bill Maher is an idiot. I could give a shit about their political views. I have never found Maher nearly as funny as he seems to think he is.

I have XM-radio, and whenever I catch a Miller bit, I cry. He's almost as funny as Mitch Hedberg. Who am I kidding - Hedbuerg is in a league of his own, but in a battle of wits against Miller - Maher is bringing a knife to a gun fight.


Miller can be funny as hell but he can also suck.

Maher is never funny. He is just a smarmy jerk. I hear he nails a lot of hot chicks though.


Love Bill Maher. One of my favorites.

Dennis Miller is ok. Very intelligent, but not always funny


Hedberg is easily in my top five funniest comedians. RIP. Mitch all together, ha.


Richard Jeni's HBO special kills me.


Miller hitched his cart to the neo-cons and therefore is a sellout.

He used to be an equal oppertunity basher but now he is just washed up.

Maher does bash both sides and you can see his Libertarian belief.

Maher did and does support change in the middle east which does deviate from some of his left leaning ideology.

I take both with a grain of salt but at least Maher has not changed or sold out.


Bill Burr is hilarious...if you have HBO In Demand (Cablevision) then watch his routine.

It is a killer laugh!


I think Miller is more quick witted. Maher can come off as a smart ass know-it-all. However, when speaking of the bloodsport(politics) it's not always easy to contain your feelings.

I used to like Miller but he doesn't know what he is talking about politically.

Niether one is a hero for either side.


Maher lost my respect long ago....


Miller was awful on Monday Night Football...haven't been able to watch him since.


The fact that comedians take political sides is pathetic.

Miller did suck on MNF.

Maher always sucks. He just is not funny. It is not because I don't share his political views either.

I enjoy John Stuart even though I don't share his views.


No contest -- Maher!!

If only our leaders could just stand up and be as straight forward as that.


This is precisely what makes him awesome. If it seems that he is talking down to people its because they need talking down to. As far as knowing more than anyone else -- maybe not, but so what? Our leaders do the same thing. At least he tells it like it is and doesn't pander. The fact that he can be up front about being embarrassed by the way Americans voted in the last election speaks alot to his integrity and principles although I disagree with him on that. Bush is an idiot and a liar and the voting public are nothing more than sheep looking for leadership so its hard for me to feel embarrassed any more.


Actually Maher is funny. He claimed to be "politically incorrect" on his previous TV show. And then basically touted every single politically correct line that he could think of. I thought that was funny :slight_smile: