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Maher and Ventura


Interesting discussion between the two of them. Jesse Ventura is awesome.


I think America is changing rapidly, I also think for the most part it is a good thing. I would like A vote of none of the above or voting for the top three . I could hear the flack on that though , I think none of the above would be an easier sell though


I laughed when he said that until I thought about it, and it really is what he said... a vote of no confidence.

Can you imagine winning by 30 votes against "none of the above?" Talk about embarrassing.


It would send a clear message


He made a lot of good points in that clip. At certain points I just wanted Maher to stfu so Ventura could finish explaining his "alternatives," but that's what you get with Maher...

Removing the electoral college would be a great starting point. Either one of the alternative voting systems mentioned would work for me, I dunno about you all.


I didn't watch the video yet, but I'd just like to say that I think Jesse Ventura is a douche bag. When I first started seeing him, I liked him a lot. However, the more I saw of him, the more my respect for him decreased. It all started with him lying about being a Navy Seal and grew from there.

EDIT: The clip wasn't bad, and I agree with a lot of what was said (on Ventura's part). We definitely can't have just a straight-up popular vote because then the country would be run by a few states. This is why the electoral college was put in place, so that the majority doesn't oppress the minority.


You have it backwards; popular vote means that the numbers, millions vs. millions, determine the winner just like any other vote. States no longer matter, only the individual. The electoral college is what gives power to states like California.


What did he lie about with being a seal?




I doubt it. Being a governor and major political figure, he would have been vetted beforehand and exposed by someone other than some "journalist" sitting in his basement.


No. You can believe it.
Janos (Ventura) was a member of the UDT team 12. UDT was merged with SEALs 8 years after Janos left the service.

Perhaps he just started using the SEAL designation out of convenience; it was hard to explain why UDT is different. But eventually, and quietly, he corrected himself, and occasionally reverses the correction, too. "Its all the same anyway."


America is on its way to being a third world country.

Ventura and Mahar are great.


For a detailed explanation (and pretty good read) go here:


Basically, Ventura was UDT (Underwater Demolitions Team). UDT and the SEAL's coexisted separately when Ventura was in the Navy. Almost a decade after Ventura left the military, UDT and SEAL merged. While UDT's had to go through BUD/S, they didn't go through the complete SEAL training such as Jump School, Ranger School, etc. In addition, their jobs were vastly different. Also, UDT's saw almost zero combat (except for a few of them) while SEAL's were in the most intense and dangerous combat of the Vietnam War.

To say that you were a SEAL in the Vietnam War while you were actually part of a UDT is like comparing Marine Infantry to the Seabees in WWII (if that).


Instant run off elections are a brilliant idea, and only the two major parties lose from them, thus, they will probably never happen at the national level.


Did he run against Montgomery Brewster?


Did he run against Montgomery Brewster?


Actually, I would say the college takes power away from the large states. electoral votes are proportional to population +2 votes. Per person, smaller states have more representation.




Thank goodness. I was afraid nobody else would get that.


Any means necessary. I thought that was the SEAL motto...?