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Magumbo's Bodybuilding Log


Stats: 20 years old
Weight hovers between 12.5 and 13 stone.
Height is 5 foot 10

My main goal(and dream) is to compete in my 1st bodybuilding show in September/October this year, which will require a LOT more fat loss as a result!

I follow a traditional bodypart split, hitting each muscle once a week. Hit traps and calves more often as I feel they are lagging.

When leaning up, which I am focusing on at the moment, I rely on interval sprints and upping the anaerobic intensity of my workout, for example supersetting incline press and dips or squats and lunges, which is absolute torture by the way haha.

I will be charting my training for the next few months in order to hold myself accountable and receive feedback(positive or negative) that will help me take my body to the next level.

Training and bodybuilding are my passion, so rest assured I will give this log everything I have!


Few more pics of where I am at the mo




Last picture didn't upload for some reason





Chest Triceps
40 mins

4 sets incline bench 3-5 rep range

3 sets flyes
superset calve raises-3 by 12

3 sets dips with chains-really hits the chest nicely!
superset abs-3 by 15

3 sets dumbbell extensions
superset dumbell pullovers

Just finished exams so this was first workout in about 5 days. Strength has fallen slightly by 1 or 2 reps but should hopefully pick back up!



45 minutes

4 sets squats 3-6 rep range-
superset lunges 8-12

As always these are BRUTAL!

4 sets calves 15-20 reps
superset leg press

Foam roll to finish off, really have to hit those quads as they are always the sorest!

It may not seem much volume but I'm covered in sweat by the end of the workout, and don't really see the point in adding more isolation work in a leaning up phase.



50 minutes

4 sets db press 6 to 10 rep range
superset calve raises 4 by 12

4 sets db shrugs 8-12 rep range
superset crunches 3 by 15

Lowered the weight on shrugs to try to get more a feel for them, which worked nicely.

3 sets one armed lateral raise by 8
superset rear raises 3 by 10

Pretty poor workout, mates at gym kept coming up to me and shooting the shit, as well as the gym itself being very busy. No excuse I know, should have finished this in 35 minutes or less. Will definately be keeping the head down tomorrow and getting it done for back!



50 minutes

3 sets pull ups by 8 5

4 sets bb rows
5 to 8 rep range

Forgot straps so was a bit more difficult getting that squeeze going, but could handle my usual weight so grip strength was okay.

3 sets weighted chins
6 to 8 rep range

2 sets db rows by 8
superset chins neutral grip

Failed very quickly on these chins, figure its just from the overall fatigue of the workout.

3 sets seated row
10-12 rep range
superset crunches



Chest Triceps
40 minutes

Incline bench 3 sets 5 by 4 reps
superset calve raises

Flyes 3 sets
superset crunches

Dips with chains 3 by 12

Overhead tricep extension
superset pullovers

Was a high carb day today so energy levels were quite high, although the cycle home was as always tough.

Incline has seemed to drop 5kg in the past few weeks due to the weight loss, which is annoying to say the least. It seems no matter how much focus I put on my chest, it's the 1st place to lose strength when leaning and the last to gain strength when gaining!