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Magnus Curling 400+ Pounds?


This photo has just been posted on the Powerful Image thread.

If I am seeing right, there's 400+ pounds on that bar, and he seems to be curling it.

I was under the impression that nobody can do that.


And I was under the impression that those were probably 45 and 25 pound bumper plates.


These are bumpers plates, maybe some are 20 or 10 kg, I don't know.


they are bumper plates and yes you see 4 of em but there not all necessarily 45lb each.
I know they are bumpers as ive seen his strongman dvd and he trains power cleans/deads on alternate weeks in his home gym, which is rustic to say the least.


Bumper plates I've used in the past have been either 33 or 22 pounds apiece. Whatever, Magnus is a horse either way.


Ha yeah. Its still alot more than alot of us around here can do.


On his strongman DVD, he does 315 for cheat curls. I believe for sets of 10.

Magnus has arguably the strongest arms in the world.


He has amazing grip as well, he's one of five people in the last 8 years that succesfully close a "Captains of Crush" No. 4. Grip


Not outside of a squat/power rack, no.


That's right. I only do curls in the power rack. And I use the olympic bar with 5 pound weights on each side.


Looks like 245lbs. to me. But it's difficult to tell at that angle the photo is taken at. Either way that's a heck of a curl!


Whoa! You're a beast, lol.


Well judging by the size of them I would estimate they are 20kg plates. 10kg plates, even bumper ones are smaller than that. 180kg curl roughly? Nice Magnus...


You go to my gym?


Yeah, only I do just chins, squats, dips and deadlifts. Every once in a while however, in a desperate attempt to mimmick the frat boys' success with the ladies, I will do the aformentioned curls in the power rack.

Btw, lady sarcasm is a bitch.


Ah, well if you do deads, that must not be you. I think I'm the only one doing deads at my gym. There's only one other guy who does squats...that part kind of sucks. There's about a handfull of what I would call "hardcore" people there...but not much.


There's so much bad press about deads and squats out there. I've heard it all from people at my gym who tell me deads will destroy my back and squats will kill my knees. Most of these idiots are the same ones who do cheat curls in the rack. That's when I tell them, "Thanks for the advice," and go for a PR. It's cool lifting a shitload of weight in front of these douchbags.


The reason this is said so often, is cause usually it's true. I see so many terrible technique squats and deadlifts from people who should know better. Do an accordion squat or a rounded back deadlift for long enough and they will destroy your back and knees.

I'm not knocking you, just so you know where the myths come from. They're rooted in truth. As long as you keep the flat back, you're a long way ahead.


Hahahahahahaha Thats a great idea.


...and here I thought I was doing good with the 35s on each side