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Magnificient Mobility Vs Parisi W/U


I'm thinking of getting one of these DVD but not sure which is to purchase?

What are the difference between these 2 DVDs.

Anyone care to share their feedback on these products?

BTW. what are top 5 training DVDs that you guys would considered a must have in your collection??


Axe -

I'll bump some threads that we've previously had regarding MM; this include reviews from other authors, coaches and athletes. Look for them on the main page.

Stay strong



I have the MM DVD and I think it is well worth the money. I got 4 or 5 exercises off it that I hadn't used/seen before and frankly I'd be happy to pay $10 an exercise again just for those.


that would imply that these dimwits are already strong

but i agree with that luscious man meat ... MM is excellent and worth at least a penny, i mean every penny

have you checked out the reviews?


Mag Mobility is awesome. I don't have the Parisi DVD, but MM was EASILY worth the $50 I paid for it. I highly recommend it, but I can't give you a real answer to your question since I don't have the Parisi DVD. Knowing Rooney though, I'm sure it's good shit as well.


Thanks, guys, for the kind words.

Just to echo what's already been said, Martin is a brilliant coach who has done some good work; I actually encouraged a women's basketball player of ours to work with him while she's back home for May.

In an ideal world, you'd have both our products. :slightly_smiling:


I just ordered the MM DVD from Elitefts and can't wait to check it out. The reviews have been solid and I think these methods will be a nice departure from the usual yoga based stuff I've been doing.


I've had the pleasure of working with Eric since August. I was on the MM stuff well before the DVD came out.

I can honestly say that just having that type of attention to the warm-up was worth the coaching alone. I put a ton of stress on my body, especially in season.

I can't speak against the other product as I am sure it is great as well. My experience with MM is that it is worth every penny.


I own both an I find that MM has more instructional and practical value. The Parisi DVD is great as well, however, a lot of the drills require a great deal or room. The static drills in MM are more practical in the gym (with more limited room). If you have all of the space in the world or plan to do the drills outside, Parisi is great. But again, I would recommend MM before Parisi.


Well, with all the reviews you probably went and bought the Magnificent Mobility DVD already, but I'll add that I have that DVD also, and I liked it a lot.

I learned that I needed to work on flexability in many areas, and when I do the exercises before a workout I feel much more ready to lift than when I didn't use them.

I get through all of the exercises within 10 minutes, which is the same amount of time I used to walk on a treadmill for a warm-up.


The dvd is worth every penny. At first I was hesitant, but I figure what the heck Id order it and give it a shot.

Sure enough, after watching the dvd fully 2 times through, I learned a lot of different dynamic exercises that I had never done before. The main point I love about the video is that they give you two angles to look from so you can watch the form.

Definitely a good video if you need help with dynamic flexibility or activating the little muscles in your body.