Magnificent Moblity Question


I am looking to buy MM so that I can start doing more mobility work as a warmup to my workouts and as some active recovery on my off days. However, when I went to purchase MM, I noticed that there is the option to buy just the DVD or the DVD and a manual that supposedly follows the material on the DVD. The latter costs approximately $20 extra.

To anyone who has purchased the DVD and manual I’m wondering whether you feel that the manual was worth the extra cash. As a student money is tight, so I’d rather not spend more than is truly necessary. On the other hand, it might be nice to have some material to take with me to the gym to help me remember sequences etc. for my warmups.


The pamphlet isn’t really necessary. You just have to watch the DVD a few times and then design a few different warmups to have on hand.

Don’t bother with the manual. Get the dvd and you’ll be set after watching it a few times!!!

I appreciate the responses, guys. Looks like its the DVD alone then.

Good DVD. I wish it had postural stuff as well.
is it worth 50 dollars? maybe not, but i am pretty cheap.

its useful and i will probably use it for the rest of my life. However, 50 dollars is a lot for a dvd that isn’t very long.

It could use a postural section.