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Magnificent Mobility & Squats


i bought MM recently, and i was wondering which exercises in there were best for warming up for back squatting?



how about a back squat with 50% of your work weight? just a thought.


lol i do that already, doesn't everyone?


It depends on your personal problems, but Squat-to-stand (is that in MM??) is one that I never go without.

Warrior lunges and rocking ankle mobilizations are also big ones for me.


do you have any suggestions for those with lower back problems?


Fire hydrants and bird-dogs come to mind. It may be specific to your back injury tho, i'd try to get in touch with Eric and see what he recommends


I found supine bridges to be a big help, but, I don't have back problems.


search for "lumbar stability thread"


I agree with these two in additon to cobras on the floor (just a back extentions with legs and arms moving towards the ceiling). Core work will also warm up your lower back. I will somtimes do some standing high knees, butt-kicks and hip flexor stretching just prior to squatting.



Scroll down to the bottom for Joe D's "Agile 8." You're welcome.


Just wanted to add that cobras are a dumb idea, IMO. In no exercise do you want hyperextension. That's a lot of pressure on the discs of the lower back.