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Magnificent Mobility Review

I gotta admit, Cressey and Robertson put together an amazing video.

I found that I could do most of the exercises (even the difficult ones considering I’m pretty flexible due to Pavel’s material anyway) with little challenge, although I did feel a lot of joint ROMs that I’d never used before opening up and I reveealed a ton of my own weaknesses: tight left help flexor and/or quad, poorly activated left glute.

I swear I’ve been doing all exercises every morning, every day for a week, and the feel good factor, pick me up factor and whole physical package combined means that I don’t need any coffee or crap (not that I drink any caffeine anyway).

I managed to increase my front squat from 225 to 235 just like that, with my form even better than before (my right side used to rise faster than my left before, now its equal). Plus the clicking and slight pain in my knees has almost disappeared.

Thanks guys, for a sweet DVD.