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Magnificent Mobility or Warm Up Sets or Both?

I recently posted some questions about warm-up sets to 5 x 5 and I seemed to get a lot of responses stating “I use Magnificent Mobility.” Is this to say that a thorough dynamic stretching/ mobility warm-up at the top of a workout might be enough to carry me through all of my work sets w/o specific warm-up sets or should I do both? If both, for warming-up to a superset, would it be effective to do: 3 reps @ 50%, 2 reps @ 70%, 1 rep @90% all w/ 30sec rest for the 1st movement, then do the same for the 2nd movement, then preceed to do the superset moving immediately from the 1st to the 2nd movement after every set?

You’ll want to do warm-up sets after you roll through the MM drills - just not as many at the lower weights.