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Magnificent Mobility or Inside Out Warmup?

Im a boxer, traning for my first MMA fight & need to increase my overall flexibility for submissions & kicks, if i can only afford one, which do i take?

They’re different - MM is more general, and therefore you’d get lots out of that…however as a boxer you probably have a bunch of issues at the shoulder that would benefit from IO!

My advice, start with MM.

If you’re more concerned with kicks, I’d go with Magnificent Mobility since it’s mostly dealing with the lower body.

When you have some extra cash, make sure to get Inside Out.

Save the dough for a while and buy both, there worth it.

MM is more lower body oriented while IO is more upper body oriented. You need both upper and lower body mobility in MMA so put your money where your mouth is

Cheers. I do have knee & elbow ligament damage, lol…