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Magnificent Mobility Gripe

Just watched Magnificent Mobility. I like the material in it, but you’re given absolutely no direction whatsoever as far as actually integrating the exercises into your warm-up. There are almost 40 exercises in the DVD. Obviously its too time-consuming to perform all of them. It would’ve been helpful to have something at the end that breaks up the different parts of the body you need to stretch into categories, and have the exercises in the DVD organized accordingly.

Then it could tell you to do 1-2 from each category or something like that, instead of with 30 seconds in the DVD just saying, “The ball is in your court, its up to you how you incorporate these into your workouts.” How’s a person suppose to know if he’s doing too much of one thing and not enough of another?

Yes! My thoughts exactly. Great movements but please bottom line me with some sets please!

I got the book maximum strength that provides a couple of warm up and mobility templates that incorporate many of the exercises from Cressey’s MM DVD. It’s another expense but it someone you know already has the book, just photocopy the one page with the mobility template on it.

I use it all the time now and the hip stuff has helped quite a bit warming up for squatting.

From what I remember the exercises are separated into Easy, Medium, and Hard mobility warm-ups…

Easy, Medium, and Hard doesn’t do me any good Andy. A simple template is all I’m after.

Glad to see others agree.

I had the same problem in the beginning, but I just figured that I should just incorporate whatever I thought my body needed work, ie ankle mobility, hip mobility, glute activation etc. SO i just started putting it together that way. If in doubt do the same.

[quote]BetterAthlete wrote:
Easy, Medium, and Hard doesn’t do me any good Andy. A simple template is all I’m after.

Glad to see others agree. [/quote]

There are three templates though, under easy, medium, and hard. I can send you a .doc I made of this (exercises for each and reps for each exercise) if you want.

cool, I’d like that

I’ll pm you my email. thanks.

Understanding what joints/muscles involved from the video will let you design your own routine. 1-2 exercises per joint is all thats needed, and some exercises work multiple joints(ex: toe to hand walk).

Remember, the goal is to warm up if your using this preworkout. Do not exhaust yourself with multiple repetitions, only enough to get the body warmed up!!!

They say to pick roughly 10 excercises based on what you are going to be doing and where you need the mobility

Your answers make sense. I guess that I was just being VERY lazy. Thanks!

Cressey has a Q and A thread on her, but I don’t know if he is still active on it.