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Magnificent Mobility DVD

So after having worked out consistently over the past year a half, I am now getting in to proper warming up drills. I bought the magnificent mobility DVD and also a foam roller.
I know a lot of you already incorporate this sort of dynamic stretching pre-workouts and was wondering what exercises you use. The DVD has over 30 exercises, which ones should I be doing and how do you pick them? Does anyone have a set plan that they follow for example: these 8 for upper, these 8 for lower, these 8 for running etc.

Also, I had a question for those of you who take foam roller work seriously. How often do you use it and what areas?

Thank you in advance for you help.

One of the MM dudes (Robertson) wrote this free foam rolling guide.


I do every lower body muscle. Especially hips. Every night in front of the TV.

I love MM. I mainly got it to loosen up my hips so I don’t use any of the shoulder stuff.

In one session I’ll do:
Yoga twist
The one where you extend one leg and the opposite arm
The scorpion one from my stomach
Cradle walks
high knee walks
The front and side leg kicks
The warrior lunge
Squat to stand

It’s helped me get much lower on squats.

If hips are a particular problem like i got, look up Cressey’s “Uses for a Smith Machine” column on T-Nation. I do those squat under and step over the bar exercises every week.

thanks a lot. that is very helpful

I used to incorporate front and back scorpions to warm up my hips. Now I just do spidermans (both from MM)