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magnetic weights

a long while ago, t-mag talked about some magnetic weights (around 1.25lbs each) that could be used with dumbbells to get a gradual increase of weight. When I called the company, they wanted $18(!!!) apiece (or maybe it was for two, it was a long time ago). What I’m wondering is, does anyone know of a cheaper alternative?

At one of the large superstore hardware stores or heavy equipment parts stores, you should be able to find extra large jumbo washers that will fit on your bars. Buy about 20 of them, weigh all 20 and divide to get weight of each and add to bar as needed.

REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS! THERE’S PLENTY OF EM! Next time you go over to a friend/family’s house just snag some off the frigies… then blame someone you don’t like for doin it, 2wo birds, 1 stone.

Good idea, Heb! Unfortunately, though, this is for the University gym, which does not have dumbbell bars, it has prebuilt weights. That’s why I’d need magnets :slight_smile:

You could try getting some blocks of scrap metal and stick strong magnets onto them with epoxy. Search for “rare earth magnet” online. Some companies salvage them from old hifi equipment or go to a flea market. However, after you factor in the time, expenses and quality, it might be worthwhile getting the ready made version.