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Magnetic Weights for Dumbbells?


Hey All,
My gym only has db's that go up to 125 pounds, and pretty soon I'm going to need more weight than that. Do any of you know where I can buy 5 and 10 pound magnetic plates to add to the ends of the db's?

I googled this, and all I found was mini weights, under a pound, from piedmont.



You can look for PlateMates(theplatemate.com), but they only come in up to 2.5lb increments. Suppose you could buy a couple sets, but you can only put one platemate on each end of the DB, you can't stack them. Not sure you'll find anything bigger.


Thanks for the response. It has since occured to me that all I need to do is buy a set of sturdy dumbell handles, and just load them with plates.


elitefts.com had some at one time. I know they have dumb bell handles.

However what I do instead is I have some jump stretch bands and I just use them with the dumbbells.


I used to have those but I stupidly forgot to bring them home with me from the gym one day and they attached to a new owner. :-\ Actually you can stack them, but the magnet isn't too strong when you do that and it's not highly recommended. Also after a year or two of heavy use the magnets will wear out and get weaker, so you'll have to buy new ones.


Found some 5 lb magnetic plates here: