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Magnet Plates

Does anyone know the brand names of those magnets that come in pairs and each weigh a pound or 2# or half a pound or whatever? They act as fractional plates and I know I’ve seen them before but I have no idea what they are called and thus no way of doing a search for them. Can anyone help?

thanks a lot, I appreciate it

I looked into those platemates a few years ago, and they were quite expensive for 2.5 lbs worth of weight…

If you have access to any strong magnets, you can just pop-rivet some magnets onto some 2.5lb plates, and it works great…(I actually did the same with 5 and 10lb plates…)

I’ve been using magnets that come out of dead hard drives…(used to be a computer tech, had access to lots of dead hard drives)

Cheap magnets:


You just have to figure out how much they weigh :slight_smile: