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Magnesiumbisglycinate Instead of Glycine

Hello Christian,
you recommend glycine after workout, what do you think about taking magnesiumglycinate postworkout instead to combine the positve effects of mag. and glycine?
If i am right, 1g of mag glycinate contains 90% glycine, so 6g of mag.glycinate will be a good start?
THank you,

It’s actually 80%.

But why would you do that? It will cost you a lot more.

You’ll pay around 20$ for 120 capsules of 500-600mg of magnesium glycinate. A 6g dose would be 10-12 capsules (which in itself is really unpractical and unpleasant). So 120 capsules will last you 10 days or so.

Another issue is that 6g of magnesium glycinate will give you 1200mg of magnesium. That’s way too high. You want around 100-200mg at a time. Magnesium actually is poorly absorbed the higher the doses are.

By comparison, 1lb of glycine will cost you around 15-20$ and will last you around 100 days.

It would still be a lot cheaper to add the equivalent of 100-200mg of magnesium from magnesium taurate (around 1000mg) and you’ll also get the GABA boosting effect of taurine.

Let’s compare… glycine will cost you 15-20$ for 100 days (at 5g per day) so around 20 cents per day. You can find magnesium taurate for around 15$ for 120x 1000mg caps. Lets say 2 caps post-workout, that’s what, 40 cents per day? So for 5g of glycine + 1000mg of magnesium taurate it will cost you 60 cents per day.

If you go with the magnesium glycinate at 6000mg/day, it will cost you 2$ per day. More than 3 times the cost, not to mention the hassle of ingesting 12 capsules per day. AND the fact that it will give you too much magnesium.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.


good point, makes sense! thank’s a lot for the quick and detailed answer!

No worries it was a justified question

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Good points. Now, I have a doubt because I use Mineral pro and I usually add some Magnesium TRAACS.

If each capsule says Magnesium (as magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate) 150mg, is it referred as magnesium? Or it’s all together.