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Magnesium RBC. Am I Deficient?

My magnesium serum is 2.09 mg/dL (1.5 - 2.3) but my magnesium RBC is 4.33 mg/dL (4 - 6.4) which is quite low.

I have been supplementing magnesium glycinate for 5 months (400mg before bed).

Some questions ;
1)Why is my Mag. RBC low despite supplementing 400mg daily? Does TRT have anything to do with magnesium RBC depletion?
2)What should i be worried about with low Mag. RBC values? Am i in danger?
3)What can i do to increase it?

Mag RBC is the most accurate magnesium test. FOr zinc the same. Forget about zinc and magnesium serum tests without RBC.

TRT increases magnesium consumption so you need to supplement more. Maybe 600-800mg for you will be good. The magnesium kind you supplement is the best provided the brand is of a good quaility.

I will double my dosage to 800mg then.
I have MTHFR… wonder if that’s got anything to do with absorbing magnesium.

Anything else other than zinc and magnesium that is worthless to check as serum? How about copper?

You can check sodium, potassium, B12, copper as well

What would your mg levels would be with no supplements?

There are causes for low mg. You can check if they apply.

Sodium and potassium are included in a complete metabolic panel.

I would check vit b12 and folate.

One being TRT depletes some portion of magnesium i believe?
What are some of the other causes? My Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is 789.1 pg/mL 197 - 771 but this is not what we are looking for huh? Is there such thing as RBC B12 test or folate RBC?

I have these checked also and they are in range but i guess we are talking RBC versions for these too?

No rbc version. Regular vb12 and folate. If you are low in these than you can dx better. These are main nutrients that should be in range if u are eating ok. If they are not, further investigation is warranted or u need to check any special diet you are on.

You can google causes of low magnesium. Keep in Mind u are already supplementing with glycinate which is suppose to be absorbed much better than other forms. Maybe do both citrate and glycinate form??

Look into boron. I take 3mg/day. I know it increases magnesium absorption in bone plus does a lot of other good shit

Thank you.
I am already high with B12 but i will check folate. As i mentioned above , i have MTHFR which can interfere with my body’s ability to store folate an B12.

I am actually quite disappointed that my MG RBC is low after all the supplementation. I think there’s a problem somewhere that i can’t point my finger at yet. As you said , what if i didn’t supplement at all? I prolly had a stroke by now or smh.

Will keep that in mind… Does it also lower SHBG? Mine is already super low.

I was about to start taking Boron, then I saw all these studies that say Boron increases Estrogen. Any thoughts on that?

It would have been perfect if someone would have posted a post by a respected endo here all about boron and why you should take it. It would be extremely convenient if they had posted right above your comment for more effect.

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@dextermorgan As much as I know boron has side effects and his positive effects are temporary and at least should be cycled. Still I dont get what is the point to take it especially on TRT since test decreases the SHBG of most people anyway

What side effects? Everything I have read has shown minimal side effects unless taken in large dosages.

An endo should post a topic about boron and why to use it. Then someone could link it here to answer your question.

Bro you have side effects on literally everything (magnesium, melatonin, +200 others) that most don’t even feel a thing on when taking. I believe you that you have issues with these drugs so I’m not knocking you.


@dextermorgan I didnt talk about my side effects from boron but reported from many other people. Boron is a trace minerals and they are not totally safe and dosing is very precise

What are the side effects they are reporting?

Who reported side effects? I’ve never seen anyone say anything bad about boron. What side effects did they have?

I don’t think boron has any side effects. What I’d like to know is the mixed studies some showing it boosts total test to free test conversion, other studies showing it boosts estrogen in healthy men and yet other studies that show it boosts both Testosterone and estrogen. So what’s more accurate? Also is 10 mg a day a good dose?