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Magnesium on the Skin?

I just got this video through E-mail and I was wondering about the benefits between magnesium intake through skin or orally. Is it really better when sprayed onto the skin?

If you look at the comments section “Logan”, as he calls himself, presented a study saying that within 12 weeks you can have the same effect as you would in two years getting magnesium through your diet or supplementation.

Any comments from you guys?


But magnesium is a vital though, so anyway you get it in is fine… whether it be eating mountains of veggies, epsom salt bathes or throwing back pills

I’ve found Poliquin’s topical magnesium to be very effective. It helps a lot to use with the oral. And at ~$15/240 pumps it’s pretty cheap.

Alright, guys. Thanks for your replies.

Blood levels of magnesium ARE raised from epsom salt baths.

I’ve never tried sprays, though I’ve seen them in catalogs. The sprays are simply magnesium chloride solution. I would like to know, why not make your own magnesium sulfate solution, which would be like 100X cheaper.

Biotest’s minerals are awesome.