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Magnesium Oil


Have you tried Magnesium Oil yet as part of your supplementation? I’ve ordered some and I’m going to track my results but from the research it looks like it needs further study.



If you do take it, rub it on your skin instead of swallowing it. The body absorbs is so much better topically than orally. Now swallowing it in a larger enough dose, you may get a little extra-regular. Just a head’s up.

Otherwise, it’s a good supplement to take. One of the essential minerals that gets overlooked along with sulfur.

Oh yeah, it’s only for the skin. That’s the beauty of it. Magnesium as you know is a laxative so you can’t take as much as you need because you can’t absorb it. I’m just curious because Mike Mahler the kettlebell guru recommends it and actually shows how after he took the supplement for a few months his DHEA went through the roof and it spilled over into his T levels.

It looks safe and effective. I’m curious if CT has already used it in his training or with his clients.

Interesting the bit about the DHEA/testosterone factors. I use it in more of a general health means. I think it affects other hormones as it does a nice job of destressing and relaxing. Everywhere I read they say a bit behind the knees helps with sleep. Though 5-HTP is more effective for that (in my case).

I’m curious about the dosage I’m a big guy I’ll probably need 1 tsp in morning and 1 tsp at evening. That’s what the manufacturer recommends. It seems to me it would be best to take the majority at night.

As for dosage I just wing it (when I do use it). I buy a 1L bottle and transfer it into a spray bottle. After a shower or bath I towel down and then spray most of my body. Avoid the privates and the face. Oh, and DO NOT spray over cuts or scratches. Don’t spray it where you shave, either. I shave my head and made the mistake of spraying my scalp. Big mistake.

With the skin slightly wet the absorption should increase there as well. It may dry on your skin as a white powder, which is good. That’s the Chloride from the Magnesium Chloride (if you’re buying it al MgCl).

After about 3 weeks on Magnesium Oil the big thing I notice is more energy overall and better night’s sleep. The good night sleep is well worth it, my wife is taking it too and hasn’t slept well in years and is now sleeping well.

It will be interesting to see what happens after 3 months on this stuff when I have my blood tests run. It is definitely a good supplement.

[quote]Magnesium chloride, especially when applied transdermally, is reported by Dr. Norman Shealy to gradually increase DHEA in a natural way. Dr. Shealy has determined that when the body is presented with adequate levels of magnesium at the cellular level, the body will begin to naturally produce DHEA and also DHEA-S. Because of the problems with supplementing directly with DHEA, transdermal magnesium chloride mineral therapy holds great promise for DHEA hormonal supplementation because taking magnesium could counteract the heart attack and stroke hazards of synthetic DHEA hormone
replacement therapy.[/quote]


Ive bought some yesterday because of this thread to help with sleep and injury, but that stuff is better than TRIBEX

Edit: the huge boost was temporary, I guess I was really low on magnesium
But still, more energy and more relaxed