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Magnesium Facts?


What form of magnesium is best? I remember reading somewhere that a certain form of it was essentially useless.

Would it be more advisable to just buy ZMA rather than to try and purchase zinc, magnesium, and b6 seperately?

Just curiosity, thanks!


For the price you cant beat ZMA. It has the heigest available types of each (short of real food sources) and is what $9.

Other than that try and get it in your food,. regular eating of things such as sunflower seeds will give you a nice dose of natural Mag.


really sunflower seeds? consider them bought!


Yes sir one serving (1/4 cup) has 250 k/cals or so and has 162.840 mg of Magnesium. Also a great source of Vit. E

Eat em up.

My names Phill and Im a seeder. LOL


Magnesium Oxide


magnesium oxide is useless? or is that the best one :-p

I'm just going to get ZMA and a costco size crate of sunflower seeds. Definitely not a bad snack between training sessions (like a 20min break between wrestling and conditioning)


Magnesium citrate is great...depending on your use. I usually only see citrate in formulas to help relax the muscles for sleep.




I think ZMA is definitely the way to go. From what I've read, the absorbtion is better than when you take each component separately.


I don't know what the absobtion is like, but epsom salt baths are always nice.