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Magnesium, Calcium, and Zinc


Hey, so for the past three days i have started taking a magnesium, calcium, zinc supplement before i go to sleep. i have noticed that on the first and second days i had very vivid dreams, which is unusual to me and this morning when i woke up i thought i had dreamed about eating BCAA powder that i keep near my bed and then running to the bathroom and just about throwing up.

I figured that that was just a strange dream, but then when i inspected my bedside table i had white BCAA powder everywhere... i'm starting to wonder if it was actually a dream! I wake up feeling amazing, which is nice!

Has anyone else experienced anything like this while taking this type of supplement?


Yup, ZMA will give you vivid dreams. They'll likely subside soon, but the deep sleep won't.

And I'd ditch the calcium at that time, as it can compete with zinc for absorption.