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Magick's Training Log v2

My right knee has started to feel cranky from doing both overhead squats and sotts press, but only right after I finish them. I’m starting to think that it’s not pain but rather just sore because it’s getting used to those movements. Knee felt 100% during squats today.

Weight loss is going fine. One week in and I’m down ~4lb.

Back squat- 145/175/205/235lbx5, 265lb 1x10, (~15 second later) 1x2, 205lb, 1x13
Came so close to hitting the goal today. The overhead squat and sotts press are paying off. The warm-up sets felt easy and bar positioning on the back felt better as well. I previously thought I had to squat heavy frequently to keep myself limber, but what I really need is just the act of squatting some weights. This is a good discovery.

205lb still felt really hard. I’m pretty sure I forgot to breathe with the last 2-3 reps.

DB OHP- 30lb, 1x14, 2x12, 1x8 (~15 seconds later) 1x4
14 reps is too much for now.

Stiff legged deadlift- 155lb, 3x15, 1x5
Felt easy.

Machine lat row- 4x12
Push-up- 3x15, 1x5

Tried 85lb overhead squats yesterday. Quite a bit more difficult and felt like it verged into “unwise” territory, so I did 1x13 and 1x12 with the bar today.

OHP- 95lbx5, 115lb, 2x8, 1x9 (push-pressed last rep)
One huge grindy rep on the eight rep of set three but I got it! And I felt good enough to do a push-press afterwards too.

Forward lunge-1x25
Reverse lunge- 1x25

Push-up- 2x20, 6x10
No flat bench open so I did push-ups instead.

Incline bench DB chest supported row- 3x12, 1x14

Hanging leg raise (to parallel)-5x10
This hurt, and I don’t even know if you can call many of these proper reps.

Good session in spite of feeling deflated going into it for no clear reason.

I’m deviating from the pull-up program since I don’t think maxing out while fasting every other day is a good idea. Instead I’m now doing 11 pull-ups.

Deadlift- 135/225lbx5, 315lbx2, 355lb, 3x6
Ok, so today ended up being a mess. Pulled 225lb double overhand and I immediately felt the bar peeling from my hand… which messed with my confidence. 315lb didn’t feel that great either. Got aggressive with the first work set and it went really well. Rep 1-4 of the second set went good as well. Seemingly ran out of steam on the third rep of the third set, so started taking mini-rests. Last rep felt grindy. Then I noticed that I tore a callus; fortunately it didn’t tear deep and so barely bled, but I couldn’t put strength into my hands anymore.

DB OHP- 30lb, 3x13, 1x11
Last couple reps of set 3/4 felt difficult.

~20 or so minutes of waiting later~

Back squat- 175lb- 3x15, 1x5
2 minute rest for the third set- I wanted to try 20 reps but unfortunately this began to feel significantly more difficult around the 9-10th rep.

Cable row- 3x15, 1x5
These felt really good. I don’t recall feeling my back actually work on cable rows often but I clearly felt them today.

Push-up- 2x25
Did these at home because I didn’t want my hands to touch the presumably unsanitary gym floor with a torn callus. Lots of resting at the top for the second set.

Overhead squatted 85lb for 5x5 again yesterday. Felt much more stable than last time.

Didn’t do any pull-ups or the daily overhead squats today because I “forgot”.

OHP- 95/115lbx5, 135lbx5 (push-pressed the last two reps)
push-press- 135lb, 2x8, 1x4

Decided out of the blue to see how 135lb felt… Didn’t feel that good. The push-presses felt hard.

Lunges with 30lb DBs-4x12
Alternated between forward and reverse lunges. I need to make an effort to tuck my chin in when I do these because I tend to relax my upper back and slouch when I get tired with these. Upper back felt a lot more tired on this today, I assume because of the push-presses.

Flat bench- 125lb, 3x12, 1x6, 1x7
Yup, my chest is the only bodypart that gets tired on this.

Incline bench chest supported rows- 4x12

Hanging leg raise (to parallel)- 4x12
Much better.

Forgot to mention that I had a status update on the weight loss-
Weight is below 180lb now- currently ~179.5lb. Hunger is very annoying right now. I feel full really quickly but then start feeling hungry again an hour or so later. I’ve been eating a lot of pork for protein and… man, pork sucks. It’s cheap but gets tiring very quickly. I’ve been buying those big pork butts and then pressure cooking them in the Instant Pot. It’s tasty (when I’m feeling very hungry) but the fat content is far too much.

I am moving soon to a brand new house with my very own freezer. I am looking forward to trying those Piedmontese beef that T3hPwnisher keeps raving about.

Back squat- 135/185/215/245lbx5, 275lb, 1x5, 1x1

Stiff legged deadlift- 185lb, 4x12
BTN press- 65lb, 4x12

BB row- 135lb, 3x10. First two set paused for 3 second at top.

Went to the gym early today because it closes at 2PM and we have Thanksgiving dinner planned at ~4-4:30PM. So I ended up only having a handful of nuts to break the fast… I definitely didn’t have enough food because I started to feel starving hungry on the superset.

I think the lack of food + lifting way earlier than normal had an impact on the squats. They felt pretty good up to the 245lb set. 275lb felt ok till the fifth rep and I gave up because I just couldn’t be bothered to put the effort in today. Right knee felt a bit aggravated but I think that’s because I lifted on the “bad” rack, where I can’t get a good position before unracking.

Supersetted the main assistance movements to save time. This really sucked. I haven’t done supersets or anything that remotely comes close to this kind of stuff in months and I felt it today. In hindsight I should have grabbed the DBs and superset them, cause changing the weights on the bar felt like it took more time than just doing these two movements separately. The stiff legged deadlifts felt challenging on the last two sets.

Weighed myself right before showering and found myself at a whopping 176lb naked. Too fast. I need to eat a lot today.

Switched things up a bit yesterday and did-
power snatch and then overhead squat- 95lb, 10x1
Felt good. Power generation got better as I tired and needed to put more effort into it. I’m pretty sure this is a PR for overhead squats.

OHP- 95lbx5, 115lb, 1x9, 2x8 (push pressed last two reps)
Set of 9 felt pretty good. Started tiring out afterwards.

Lunges- Alternated between 10 reps of forward, side, and back lunges adding up to 60 reps total.

Flat bench- 125lb, 2x12, 115lb, 1x12, 1x9, 1x4

Incline bench chest supported row- 4x15

Toe to bar- 5x5
Rebuilding these over the course of several weeks worked- I can finally do these again. Last set felt pretty hard though. I used to have stabbing and burning pains in my left shoulder blades while doing these and leg raises to parallels. They disappeared since I started doing the sotts press.

Did 50 burpees after I returned home. Chest felt really fatigued but otherwise felt easy up till the last 5 or so reps, when I started to sweat a bit and felt warm.