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Magick's Training Log v2

10 sets of-
5 chin-up
10 push-up
15 squats
One minute rests.

Spent a lot of the day driving so I wanted to do something that would work up a sweat while not being strenuous.

Back squat- 135/175/205/235lbx5, 265lb, 7/5/6/4/2

I felt very off before going to the gym today. Ate lunch way too late and apparently what I ate made me feel bloated. Plus I felt so sleepy that I decided to take a short nap right before lifting, and I never nap in the afternoon. All of this added up to make me feel sluggish and not really “on”. Quads felt sore and tired on the 235lbx5 set alone, which just made me dread the work sets even more.

At least the 285lb sets did what they were intended to- 265lb felt light and I felt very comfortable with the weight. Felt “on” on the third set and it felt so much more explosive. Unfortunately that went away on the fourth and fifth set.

DB OHP- 35lb, 3x12, 8/6
Stiff legged deadlift- 135lb, 5x10
I haven’t done a true hamstring dedicated exercise in forever, so starting light to see how they react. Felt a good stretch in the hamstring and glutes. My hands got very tired from this.

DB OHP- 85lb, 3x10, 65lb, 2x10
Too tired to continue on with the 85lb for what I wanted to do, so I dropped the weight.

Chin-up (+25lb)- 3x6, 1x5, 1x2

Given how I’ve been unintentionally gaining weight the last couple of weeks (up ~3-5lb), I think it’s pretty cool that I can still do weighted chin-ups. I can’t tell if I got any bigger but my chin-ups have definitely improved.

OHP- 85/105lbx5, 125lb, 3x7, 1x4
Push-pressed pretty much every last rep. I had a hard time balancing today.

RFESS- 1x8 no weight +20lb DBs 2x8, then a couple reps with +20lbs and finished the set with no weight, then 1x8 with no weight, then +15lb DBs for 1x8

Evidently 20lb DBs are too ambitious for my messed up and misaligned body.

DB bench- 70lb, 6x8, 1x2
A lot better today.

Machine late row- 3x12, 1x14

Power clean- 135lbx30

Took less than 4 minutes; I wasn’t really timing it. Felt better physically and decided to do a bit of conditioning.

Chin-up (+25lb)- 7/7/5/6

Deadlift- 135lbx5, 225lbx6, 315lbx2, 335lb, 3x8
Tough third set. Lots of mini-rest between reps in the end. Felt virtually nothing in my back and all the strain went to my hamstrings and glutes.

DB OHP- 35lb, 3x12, 1x9, 1x5
The third set didn’t wreck me as bad today, so I think there is progress.

Front squat- 155lb, 4x10, 7/3 (I think? I wasn’t really paying attention due to how tired I got)
Core and quads feel a lot stronger than the last time. Upper body felt dead by the end.

BB row- 135lb, 3x8 (3 second pause at top), 2x8, 1x10 (not paused).

Yesterday- Chin-up(+35lb) 6/6/5/4/4 I think.

OHP- 95/115lbx5, 125lb, 2x7, 1x3, 105lb, 1x8
Tried a different foot stance.

Reverse lunge with 45lb DB- 12/13/12/13
Much easier than last time.

DB bench- 70lb, 2x10, 7/8/something something something. Point is that it didn’t go well today. I may have started with too heavy a weight given the other pressing I’m doing.

Machine lat row- 15/13/15/7

Yesterday- Chin-up (+35lb)- 6/5/5/4/5(?) I no longer remember what I did as the sets go on.

Back squat- 135/175/205/235lbx5, 265lb, 2x8, 1x5, 1x4
3 min rest on the third set in an attempt to get 9 reps, but failed. The first set felt solid. The second set felt tiring and I’m pretty sure I cut depth a bit short in the last couple of reps.

The last time I tried this, I wrote that legs didn’t feel fatigued but everything other part of my body did. Today felt like the opposite- my legs felt extremely tired and that was the main reason why I couldn’t continue on. Breathing and bracing feel much better now, so I think that is an improvement.

OHP- 35lb, 13/10/8/8/8/3
I think it’s a combination of being tired from the squats and 13 reps being harder than I thought it would be.

Stiff legged deadlift- 135lb 3x13, 1x11
Used straps but my grips still got very tired. Lower body also very tired, so I couldn’t really focus on the stretch.

DB row- 85lb, 3x12, 1x8, 1x6

I think I’m using the wrong weight for these 50 rep stuff. I’m using weights that I can do ~12-14 rep maxes when I should be using something much lighter.

Chin-up (+35lb)- 5/5/5/4/4/2

Haven’t recovered from yesterday.

OHP- 85lb, 13/12

Going back a couple of steps to see just how much I improved. This didn’t feel hard.

Reverse lunge- 3x8 (+55lb DB), 3x8 without weight.

This felt horribly painful. I’ve been having very bad DOMS the last two days, but I had no idea that reverse lunges would fuck me up this bad. The inner thighs in particular felt horrible. The pain and stiffness afterwards messed with the rest of the workout.

Flat bench- 115lb, 15/15/13/8
Realized just now that I should have done 7 reps for the last set.
I had originally planned on doing 135lb, but I decided to go even lighter as a result of the leg pain. However, in hindsight, 115lb seems to be a good weight for what I wanted. This didn’t feel hard but I still failed to do 3x15. Whether that is because of the leg pain or because I’m not strong enough I don’t know.

Incline chest supported DB row- 1x12, 4x10

I really hope my leg recovers by Saturday, or else deadlift day is going to be a nightmare.

Did unweighted chin-ups on Friday instead of weighted because I still didn’t feel recovered. Did 1x12, 1x13

Was supposed to lift yesterday but went to watch a movie and spend time with the family instead. Did 1x13, 1x9, 1x3 chin-ups at night just to feel like I did something.

Deadlift- 135lbx5, 225lbx6, 315lbx2, 335lb, 2x10, 1x5
Lots of mini-rest again. Strength is fine (except for my left hamstring, which strains A LOT more) but the lungs aren’t there. Didn’t switch the mixed grip up today.

DB OHP- 20lb, 4x15
Front squat- 115lb, 3x15, 1x6
BB row- 155lb, 3x10

Decided that it is unnecessary to do 50 reps of back since the weighted chin-ups feel pretty hard.