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Magick's Training Log v2

Hill jog followed by 10 rounds of 10 burpees done EMOM after I got back home.

The jog felt very difficult on the uphill portions and I had to pause to let my legs recover a lot more frequently than normal. I think the daily burpees definitely have an impact.

Did the burpees EMOM style because I didn’t trust that I’d be able to get through 100 straight after the jog. This didn’t feel hard until the last two sets, leaving me wondering whether I could have gotten though 100 straight after all.

Back squat-
135/165/195/225lbx5, 245lbx12, 165lb, 13/12

The knee pain and issues disappeared a couple of days ago. Not sure why. This didn’t feel easy today but I got the reps that I aimed for. This impacted the 165lb reps and I had to stop several times to get a new gulp of air for both sets.

Incline bench-
115lb, 12/9/4

I should start asking people to spot me. I know for a fact that I have more reps in me but I am terrified of getting stapled.

Deadlift- 135/225/275lbx1

That was pretty much it. Did these with those iron plates with many angles. 275lb felt very poor form-wise again.

BB row (3 second pause at top)- 95lb, 3x10

100 burpees.

Tried to stop myself from having to take mini-breaks by taking 2-3 deep breathes instead of one whenever I started to feel really fatigued. I’d go back to one breath after a couple of reps. Felt a bit lightheaded and extremely exhausted by the end but I did manage to get through.

5x10 pull-ups in the morning and then 100 burpees in the evening. Successfully did the burpees without taking a real break by using the 2-3 deep breathes instead of one when tired strat.

Push-press- 95/115/135/155lbx5

DB OHP- 50lb, 3x7, 1x5

Smoother than last time. Need to focus on keeping correct shoulder and DB position- right now it goes all over the place if I’m not careful.

2 10lb DBs- 3x10

DB bench- 70lb, 10/9/6
Batwing row- 3x12

This somehow fried my grip.

10 sets of-
2x(3xburpee, 1xNG pull-up)+4xburpee, 1xNG pull-up.

Drenched in sweat afterwards.

Didn’t do the pull-ups because I felt tired. Did unbroken single breath burpees up to the high 50s; two breathes for most of the remaining with a couple single breathes in between.

Back squat-
135/165/195/225lbx5, 245lbx14, 165lb, 13/12

General fitness level is definitely improving. Squats didn’t feel strong today but I can get through them because I didn’t feel tired. I just feel my legs get more and more sore and I can ignore that for the top set. Definitely had 1-2 more reps in me if it wasn’t for my mask and if I walked in with the intent to really do a AMRAP instead of 14 reps. As always, head screamed “stop” when I hit the target rep and all motivation to continue disappeared.

Recovering leg strength incredibly quickly imo and I think that’s awesome.

Incline bench-
115lb, 13/11/1

Chickened out on the 2nd set.

Deadlift- 135lbx5, 225/275/315/335lbx1, 245lb, 3x8 (TnG)

Hook-grip on everything. Didn’t feel hard. Deadlift finally feels like it’s returning as well.

10 sets of-
10 burpees
10 KB swing (20kg)

Burpees without breaths in between.
I want to do something other than 100 straight burpees when I’m at the gym, so I thought I’d try this. Did the first three sets with no rest in between and I realized that this was a lot harder than I thought it’d be. Did the rest with ~30 sec of rest afterwards. First time KB swings actually felt hard due to fatigue.

Yesterday- 100 burpees and then 5x7 pull-ups afterwards.

Push-press- 95/115/135/155lbx 1x3, 1x2

Tried moving my starting position so that I’m in the clean position instead of a OHP position. Felt awkward and I definitely generated less power on the 155lb. Tried the fourth rep and I failed, so I took a minute rest and did the rest with the OHP position- much more powerful.

DB OHP- 50lb, 2x8, 1x9
Push-pressed the last rep. This got a bit tough.

2 10lb DBs- 3x10

DB bench- 70lb, 10/9/6
Batwing row- 3x12

The bench felt pretty hard today. I don’t know why.

10 sets of-
5x(2xburpee, 1xNG pull-up)
This felt really hard and I’m very pleased that I could do this. Pull-up max rep numbers are dropping (probably due to weight gain) but the ability to continue doing pull-ups seems fine.

Ate 2lb of home-cooked ribeye steak for dinner. Cooked perfectly as far as I can tell; not bad for not having cooked a steak in years.

Yesterday- 100 burpees and 1x12, and then something like 1x6, 1x4, 1x3 chin-ups afterwards. Got to ~63ish rep with a single breath between each rep on burpees. Max reps are definitely taking a hit from both burpees and weight gain.

Back squat- 135/185/225/245/265lbx5, 165lb, 13/12

I think I messed up with the ramp sets. 135-185lb is still too big of a jump to make. Gonna try 145->175->205->235->265lb next time. Edit- Hard is the wrong word here. I suppose better phrase is that everything took actual effort when normally it’s just the main work set that takes effort.

Bench- 135lb, 13/12

Didn’t even feel that hard, so yay.

Deadlift- 135/225/275/315/335/355lbx1, 245lb, 2x10, 1x5 (TnG)

Hook grip on everything and didn’t feel hard.

BB row- 135lb, 2x15

5 sets of 20 burpees
4 sets of 400m jog on the treadmill with a 10 min/mile pace.

Burpee first then treadmill jog. Skipped the last 400m jog because I wanted to get out of the gym by that point. Didn’t need dedicated time to rest with this superset though- the jog acted as active rest.

Yesterday- 5x5 tuck front lever rows, followed by 100 burpees.

First time attempting rows while in the tuck front lever position. Muscles are totally not used to this and it felt really weird and I got sore in random places. Fun stuff and I should do it more often.

Did something like 88-89 single breath burpees, which is a massive jump from the previous record. I guess that doing 20 reps of straight burpees help with this.

Push-jerk- 95/115/135/155lbx5

These are definitely jerks now, since my lower body felt more tired than my upper body by the end. Successfully did the 155lb in the front rack position. Felt harder than it should have because the plates on the right side started to slide. I need to use clamps next time.

DB OHP- 50lb, 2x9, 1x7
Felt pretty tough. I had a hard time stabilizing my body and I kept wobbling.

1x25 with mini-rest in between to let my ankle, side of my hips and my glutes from feeling incredibly sore and stop cramping probably every 2-3 reps after the 15th rep on both legs.

Stability is much improved. This was an eye-opener. I legitimately didn’t expect my glutes to feel so sore from this. My left (inflexible) ankle got very sore and cramped up as well.

DB bench- 70lb, 10/10/5
Batwing row- 3x12

10 sets of-
5x(2xburpee, 1xNG pull-up)

Sorta injured my right wrist while doing the burpees yesterday. They strangely feel off on everything EXCEPT the burpees.

100 burpees yesterday. Got to ~85 with single breaths when I felt what I can only describe as severe exhaustion and a sense of “why the fuck am I doing this everyday”. Did I think three two breath burpees and then powered through the rest with single breaths

Back squat-
145/175/205/235lbx5, 265lbx6, 175lb, 1x13/12

I somehow clipped the safety bar during the descent of the second rep. So I racked, moved the safety down one notch, and did the other 4 sets.

Hips don’t feel stable and the 265lb definitely require actual effort. But, other than that, easy. Honestly could have done 8+ reps if I wanted to based on how the sixth rep felt. I decided that I want to focus a bit on getting the volume set weight up a bit and see how that improves things though.

Did 11 reps of the first set on a single breath. The rest sucked.

Bench- 135lb, 12/9/4

Not as easy today.

Deadlift- 135/225/275/315/365lbx1, 245lb, 13/12 (TnG)
Hook grip on everything. At least this felt real strong.

BB row- 115lb, 3x8 (3 second pause)

10/12/14/16/18/10/10/10 burpees
one minute rest between each set.

Don’t have time to go to the gym tomorrow so I went today.

I’ve been feeling lethargic the past couple of days. This is most likely because of the night heat and the early light in the morning. I always wake up to the morning light, so I tend to wake up quite early in summer and quite late in winter. Combine this with being unable to fall asleep easy due to the heat and I apparently am getting poor sleep. This seems to be sapping my desire to go do things.

Power clean-
Bunch of random shit that led up to 175lbx1, followed by 135lb, 3x5

Form feels like absolute garbage and my left shoulder and ankle is giving me grief due to how “off” they feel. Yet, I powered through 175lb without difficulty and the 135lb felt weightless.

75/95/115lbx5, 135lbx4

Definitely could have gotten 135lbx5 if I approached this more aggressively. The reps started to feel wobbly and that made me lose focus. Definitely recovered a lot of OHP strength within the last two weeks; switching to push-presses and DB OHP seems to have been the correct decision.

Push-press- 155lbx1, 175lbx1
There’s now a clear form difference between the push-press and push-jerk.
155lbx1 felt effortless and 175lb felt heavy in the rack position but went up without much trouble + I can hold it overhead just fine.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m now back to having being able to power clean and push-press BW whenever I want.

DB OHP- 3x6, 1x7
RFESS- 1x10, +15, 4x6

DB bench- 65lb, 2x10
Batwing row- 2x12

Burpees- 11x10

Did the burpees after every set of exercises following the BB OHP. I thought this led to 10x10 but it turns out that I forgot to mentally count the BW set of RFESS.

Pull-up (various grips)- 3x6, 1x7

Did this at the end before leaving just to say that I did them today. Didn’t bother to care for form so these weren’t that hard.

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100 burpees yesterday

Back squat-
145/175/205/235/265lbx5, 185lb, 1x15, 1x10
The 265lb felt ok. Didn’t do single breath sets.

DB bench- 60lb, 15/10

Deadlift- 135/225/275/315lbx1, 365lbx0, 265lb, 4x6 (TnG)
Hook grip on everything. Not sure what happened on the 365lb. It’s almost like I didn’t even bother trying. Didn’t want to fight anything since these are meant to be warm-ups and so skipped it.

BB row- 155lb, 3x10

Very easy. I don’t know what I did to make this feel so easy. Improve deadlift?

3 sets of-
33 burpees, 1/4 mile jog on treadmill at 10 min mile pace.
Plus one more burpee.

I intended to do 2x 33 and then do 1x34 but forgot to do the last burpee at the end. The 1/4 mile ends up being ~2.5 min of active rest, so it seems perfect for this kind of stuff.

100 burpees yesterday. Did them all on single breaths. Massive PR as far as I’m concerned. Next is timing this thing. Glancing at time before and after tell me that I’m somewhere around 8-9 min.

Push-jerk- 95/115/135lbx5, 155lbx6

Forgot to add clamps but it didn’t matter because the plates didn’t slide around. Upper body felt tired after the 5th rep of 155lb and I did one more just to prove that I can. It was not a good idea.

DB OHP- 50lb, 2x9, 1x7

This felt hard. I think it’s because I attempted a sixth rep on the push-press in spite of already feeling pretty tired.

RFESS- 1x10 (bw), +15lb, 3x8

DB bench- 70lb, 10/11/4
Batwing row- 3x12

5 sets of-
10x(2x burpee, 1xpull-up (various grips))

Freaking fantastic, I have no idea where this came from and I’m pleased.

Too bad all this burpee conditioning doesn’t seem to be applicable to anything else.

Timed the burpees today and found that I did 100 in ~7:07.

That is a lot faster than I thought it would be. Why the fuck do I still have a belly.

Back squat-
145/175/205/235lbx5, 265lbx9, 205lb, 1x13, 1x12

I wanted 10 reps on 265lb. Rep 8 and 9 felt quite a bit tougher than the rest, so I decided to try for 10 next time. The 205lb sets felt pretty tough.

Incline bench- 115lb, 1x13, 1x9, 1x3

Deadlift- 135/225/275/315/365lbx1, 265lb, 3x8 (TnG)
Hook grip on everything. Grip almost slipped on 365lb. Had to reset on the last set of 265lb several times due to tired everything. The squats really took a lot out from my lower body.

BB row- 115lb, 3x11 (3 second pause at top)

10 sets of-
10 burpees, 10 KB swing with 20kg.

I’m feeling very tired now. Back squats are finally moving into doing some actual hard work weight and I’m feeling it on the deadlift.

100 burpees yesterday. Not jogging on the weekends right now because of the weather.


Push-jerked 95lb and first two reps of 115lb. My right wrist and hand hurt so I switched over to push-pressing.

This has its own issues as well- my left shoulder feels unstable on 155lb but it’s not pain.

DB OHP- 50lb, 2x10, 1x5

RFESS- 1x25, 1x12

DB bench- 70lb, 2x11, 1x3
Batwing row- 3x12

10 sets of-
10 burpee, 5 pull-up(alternating with NG pull-up)

This felt really hard from set 6 onward. Had to take mini-rests for most of the pull-up sets.

100 burpees yesterday

Back squat-
145/175/205/235lbx5, 265lbx10, 225lb, 2x10, 1x5

The 265lb felt pretty close to a true 10RM; probably had one more hard rep in me. The 225lb sets wrecked me. I felt completely spent after the second set.

Incline bench- 95lb, 1x17, 1x8

Didn’t want to do anything that actually requires effort.

Deadlift- 135/225/275lbx1

Nope. My lower body, particularly my hips and lower back, didn’t want to do any of this.

BB row- 155lb, 3x12

Lower back spazzed out on the first set, so I had to reset after the fifth rep. Things felt better afterwards.

10x10 burpees (one minute rest in between)

I had to leave the gym early so I did this.

5x5 pull-up with +10lb (2 min rest between sets)
10x10 single breath burpees with 30 second rest in between.

I want to try building my pull-ups again. We’ll see how this goes.

I’m sick of doing straight burpees and am starting to feel annoyed/exhausted/scared by the last 30 or so reps. I want a mental break. This got me sweating and upped my HR but it never felt challenging. Very good; I may try doing this with a backpack on next time to see how that feels.

Eww burpees

Reading ChongLordUno’s 100 burpee stuff reminded me of a blog post on Ross Enamait’s site about a lady who did 100 burpees everyday for a year.

Since then I was interested in it but never committed to even attempting. At that point burpees were something I dreaded and feared because my upper body would quit on me about halfway through.

Now my upper body no longer quits and I can do these on top of regular upper body workouts. I’ve clearly become stronger since then, even if bench press numbers don’t follow.

I’d like to attempt to do 100 burpees everyday for a year. There’s no reason why I cannot. I’ve been doing these for a little over a month now and nothing is hurting.

And they’re definitely having a positive impact on body composition.

They’re definitely beating me up mentally though, especially the 100 straight rep days.

Push-press- 95/115/135/155lbx5
Power cleaned the bar each set.

DB OHP- 50lb, 10/9/6

If I had to guess, it’s because of the power cleans.

RFESS- 1x30/1x20

DB bench- 70lb, 2x11, 1x8
Batwing row- 3x12

10 sets of-
5x(2xburpee, 1xNG pull-up)

I’m feeling sore everywhere right now.

Haha just kidding dude. I know they have value. I’m just averse to super high rep stuff for the sake of my joints lol

Honestly I don’t know what their value is outside of being a very effective way to get your HR up really fast and to do some sort of conditioning.

Agree about the joints. That’s why I don’t jump; 100 straight jump-less burpees make me come close to fainting by the end, so I don’t see the point of adding the jumps.

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