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Magick's Training Log v2

Jogged a mile and ran 2 .25 miles yesterday right before dinner just to get something physical done + I cannot go to the hills on Saturday and wanted to compensate for it. I’ll probably go jogging again then instead.

OHP- 75lbx5
105lb, 3x10
Last two reps got a bit hard and I had to use a bit of leg-drive on the last rep.

Forward lunge (55lb)- 14/11
Hanging knee raise- 14/11

RP both sets of chin-up/dip. Forward lunges feel a lot better on my right toe now.

100 burpees
Cause I’ve recently been gaining a bit of weight and decided that I need to do some actual conditioning work.

Giant set-
Front squat- 45lbx10, 95lbx3, 135lb, 5x7 (3 second pause)
Pull-up-2x10, 4x8
Dip-2x10, 4x8

185lb, 5x10

Hook-gripped the last set.

30 burpee-10 laps on the backyard- 35 burpees- 10 laps in the backyard- 35 burpees- 10 laps in the backyard.

This sucked until the last set, when the dog thought I was playing and wanted to join in on the fun.

105lb, 3x10, 2x6

Dip-15/10 (RP first set)
Walking lunges- 15/10
Hanging knee raise- 15/10

BB row (3 second pause at top)- 105lb, 3x6

BB complex with the bar-
Power clean/ front squat/ back squat/ BTN press. RDL-3x10

Back in an actual commercial gym after one year and two months.

Back squat-
95/135/165/185/205/225lbx5, 165lb, 1x12/1x13

Was aiming for a conservative 5rm or stop at 225lb, whichever came first. Didn’t know what to expect because all the back squat I’ve been doing at home felt like garbage.

These felt about as perfect as I can ever hope for. Each rep felt very strong and smooth.

DB bench/DB row- 50lb, 5x10 (one min rests)

Wanted to do pull-up and dips but I couldn’t find a dip station anywhere so I did this instead. Wasn’t hard.

Deadlift- 135/225lbx5 (TnG), 275lbx1

Grip got very weak on 225lb. Hook-gripped 275lb. It felt “effortless” but form felt very off. I need practice.

Happy to finally be back in a gym and I’m pleased all the shit I’ve been doing with the barbell ended up being useful. I was worried about being rusty with the back squat but it didn’t feel like that at all. Deadlift felt off but that could be explained by the fact that my legs felt sore after the back squats.

I’m no longer going to do doing the every other day “fast” and will add in some bodyweight circuit on off days. I’ve been steadily gaining some weight over the last couple of months, going from 162ish to ~167. Weight then blew up and got to as high as ~174 after I started doing the deadlifts. My diet didn’t really change much, so my guess is that my body kept more weight to deal with actually deadlifting.

I expect something similar to happen now that I’m back squatting again. I don’t plan on intentionally putting weight on though. Hopefully I can stick around ~170lb and get my chin-up to 20 reps.

105lb, 3x10, 2x7

Spent all day driving and didn’t have much time, so just did this. The 2x7 felt pretty tough.

Been doing 25 pull-ups/chin-ups and 25 dips on off days. Did 5x5 with as strict a form as I can possibly do a couple of days ago.

Did this yesterday-

Did this as straight sets with 2 min rest in between.

Went jogging on the hills with my dad later in the day. Legs felt really sore.


Back squat-
95/135/165/195/225lbx5, 165lb, 1x13/1x12

Lower body felt ok going into the gym but became sore as soon as I started. The 225lb felt a bit unstable because of soreness in the glutes at the bottom position but the 165lb felt really easy.

Incline bench-
95lb, 3x12

Testing my bench strength. Felt easy.

135lbx1, 225lb, 5x5
Initially did a single with 225lb and found that I wasn’t really loading the weight onto my hamstring/hips properly, so decided to do several sets with a mini-pause right after pulling for practice. Things started to feel a lot better by the fourth set. Did the last set as TnG with hookgrip and that felt fine.

BB row (3 second pause at top)-
105lb, 3x8

Felt easy.

95lb, 12/11/8/8/6

Did this off a rack. I think I gripped the bar too narrowly. 125lb felt like a challenging top set.
Overdid it with set 1-2 of 95lb.

DB bench- 70lb, 3x7, 1x4
DB row- 70lb, 3x7, 1x4
RFESS 1x7, Forward lunge with 70lb DB- 3x7

I thought that I would be able to do bench 70lb for at least 10 reps based on how easy the 50lb felt but I was mistaken. The actual act of pressing it felt easy but stabilizing the DB seemingly sapped my strength. Row and the forward lunge felt easy.

15/10 chin-up
17/8 dip

Back squat-
95/135/165/185/205lbx5, 225lbx7, 175lb, 13/12

Huh, forgot that I should have gone up in 30lb increments.

Incline bench-95lb, 15/13/10

BB row- 155lb, 15/12/12

This felt really hard. Felt like I couldn’t breathe out of my mask. These are those disposable ones and they begin clinging to my face when they get wet.

135lbx1, 225lbx5, 245lb, 3x5

Did first set as deadstop with hook-grip and third set as TnG with hook-grip. Thumbs felt pretty painful afterwards.
Feels a lot better movement wise.

Hill jog with my dad.

This felt really tough to do after an actual lower body workout. Fortunately my lower body recovered after sleeping.

75/95lbx5, 115lbx9, 65lbx15, 75lb, 2x15

AMRAP-1 on the 115lb. Wanted to find a weight where I can do 15 or so reps without too much difficulty. Goal is to work the stabilizing muscles.

Forward lunge with 70lb DB- 13/6/6

This felt pretty hard. Holding the DB felt tougher than having the bar on my back. It felt like a different front rack position.

BB bench (3 second pause at bottom)- 95lbx12, 105lb, 2x9
Lat pulldown (3 second pause at bottom)- 3x12
Chest supported incline DB row (3 second pause at top)- 25lb, 3x12

Back squat-
95/135/165/195lbx5, 225lbx11, 185lb, 13/12
Kept going on the 225lb until bar speed started to slow.
I couldn’t find any 10lb so I decided to do 185lb instead for the volume sets. I’ve been attempting to do these on a single breath and without pausing between reps. I failed at doing them with a single breath so far but have able to restart the no pause reps after getting more air until 185lb, so there’s a definite increase in difficulty here… or it could be because I keep adding reps to the 225lb.

Honestly, doing squats like this seem pretty magical. My back squat had been feeling stiff before the hiatus. Now they feel incredibly fluid and just straight-up easy. I’m sure that’s partly explained by not lifting heavy right now, but I’d like to think it’s because I’m also training my body to be looser with the squat movement.

I’m kinda surprised at how quickly my leg strength is returning too. I didn’t back squat for over a year and I’m back to doing 225lbx11 with no difficulty in just 3 squat sessions. I’m pretty sure I can do 245lbx10 next squat session if I was ok with the consequences and I think that’s pretty significant. 245lbx10 never felt easy and I’d be doing at while weighing almost ~15lb less (currently fluctuating between 170-173lb) than I did before the hiatus.

Incline bench- 115lb, 3x6, 1x7

Deadlift- 135lbx5 (TnG), 225lbx3, 225lb, 4x6 (TnG)

The TnG sets felt easy and powerful. Power and form feel like they’re definitely returning. I’m so tempted to see if I can pull 405lb right now.

BB row (3 second pause at top)- 115lb, 3x6

Did 115lb because I couldn’t find 5lb plates this time.

65/95lbx5, 115lbx10, 75lbx20/12/8

Forward lunge with 70lb DB- 13/10/2
BB bench (3 second pause at bottom)- 105lb, 2x10, 1x7, 1x3
Chest supported incline DB row (3 second pause at top)- 25lb, 3x12

Back squat-
95/135/165/195lbx5, 225lbx13, 165lb, 13/12

Rep 12-13 of 225lb actually felt tough.

Incline bench- 115lb, 3x7, 1x4

Deadlift- 135lbx5, 225lb, 4x6 (all TnG)

Grip felt weaker on certain sets.

BB row (3 second pause at top) - 115lb, 3x10

Hill jog with my dad yesterday. Quads burned pretty badly.

65/95lbx5, 115lb, 8/3, 85lb, 15/12/8/5

Body felt all twisted and weird so I stopped when I started to feel fatigued. Took a quick breath and did 3 more.

Forward lungex50

This started to hurt about 38 reps in.

DB bench (3 second pause at bottom)- 50lb, 13/12/10(?)
Lat pulldown- 3x12

Back squat-
95/135/185lbx5, 225lbx10, 155lb, 13/12

It’s ridiculous how hard it is to find 10lb and 5lb plates in this gym. I strongly suspect that people stole them because I don’t remember there being this few when I came here last year.

Did the second set of 155lb on a single breath. Just had to take a really big gulp of air and stay tight the entire time.

Bench- 135lb, 11/10/4

Worse than I thought I’d be able to do. It never felt hard but I got the feeling that I’d fail if I kept going.

Deadlift- 135/225/275/315lbx1, 365lbx0, 225lb, 13/12 (TnG)

Grip felt very weak on 315lb so I knew 365lb would never happen but I tried it anyways. I think I’m going to start working up on singles to give my grip exposure to heavier weights. 225lb felt easy after the ramp. Did the first set with double-overhand but switched to hook grip after my grip gave out on rep 6.

BB row (3 second pause at top)- 115lb, 8/9/9

Forgot that I did 3x10 last time.

It is blistering hot here and I probably won’t go on my daily walk.
Plus I’m going to be eating an entire frozen lasagna by myself to clean out the freezer.
Plus I gained like 6-8lb since I started going to the gym again. The vast majority of this has to be lean mass but this is still a lot faster than I wanted. Should note that I’m still doing those 25 pull-up/chin-ups every other day and they feel easier. Did the first three sets today with 3 second pauses and those felt fine, so I’m confident that the weight gain is not a big deal.

So I took this as an opportunity to start what I wanted to do ever since I saw a certain insane person do a shitton of burpeees.

I’m going to do 100 burpees everyday for the foreseeable future and see what impact it has on my body composition.

Did them just now and, man, doing these on sore legs isn’t fun.

OHP- 75/95lbx5, 115lbx9, 85lb, 15/10/10/5


Forward lunge with 80lb DB- 2x8, 1x9
BB bench (3 second pause at bottom)- 105lb, 3x9
Chest supported incline DB row (3 second pause at top)- 30lb, 3x12

100 burpees.