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Magick's Training Log v2

Giant set-
OHP-45lbx10, 95lb, 4x8
Power clean- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x7
Front squat- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x10
NG pull-up -2x6 (one done with +20lb)
Pull-up- 3x6 (+20lb)
Dip- 1x6, 4x6 (+20lb)

My right knee is bothering me a bit during the squats. I am not sure if it’s because of catching the bar repeatedly during the power clean or the uneven pavement that I’m squatting on is finally doing something. Either way, this is something I need to be careful with.

Weighted NG pull-ups are a pain to do because I don’t have much of a grip. Dips felt “ok”.

5 sets of-
60lbish “sandbag” carry- 3 laps
100 jump-ropes

No rest in between besides whenever I fail miserably at jump-roping.

Giant set-
OHP-45lbx10, 85lb, 4x10 (push-press last two reps)
Power clean-45x10, 115lb, 4x5
Front squat- 45lbx10, 115lb, 1x12, 3x14
Pull-up- 5x10 (RP last set)
Dip- 5x10 (RP last set)

Upper back died. I think it’s from the front squats.

BB row- 115lb, 2x20
Push-up- 2x20

Short hiking trail.

Hiking trail + climbing up the first big hill at the start at my brother’s insistence.

Decided to lift right after coming back from the trail and did DC-esque training after seeing the article on the T-Nation front page.

OHP- 95lb, 10/7/7

Giant set-
OHP- 45lbx10, 95lb, 4x9
Power clean- 45lbx10, 95lb, 4x10
Front squat- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x10
Pull-up- 1x5, 2x7 (+20lb), Chin-up- 2x7 (+20lb)
Dip- 1x6, 2x7, 2x6 (+20lb)

Power cleans sucked; really dragged my feet on the last set. OHP felt pretty good. I am happy that I did 4x9. Chin-ups felt fine. Dip started to feel ugly, so I reduced reps.

Overall, very good. I am pleased with this because I REALLY didn’t want to workout today and the warm-up set + first set felt bad.

BB row- 115lb, 5x15
Push-up- 5x15

No need to rest in downward dog for the push-ups, so that’s progress.

Short hiking trail.

Giant set-
OHP- 45lbx10, 95lb, 2x10, 1x9, 1x8
Power clean- 45lbx10, 115lb 4x5
Chin-up-5x11 (RP 2 reps on set 4, RP 1 rep on set 5)
Dip- 1x12, 4x10 (RP 2 reps on set 4, RP 3 reps on set 5)

Skipped front squat because I didn’t feel like doing them. Pushed pretty hard on the OHP, definitely near technical failure.

OHP-45lbx5, 95lbx5 (push-press)
Power clean- 45/95lbx5
Front squat- 45/95lbx5

Giant set-
OHP- 115lb, 4x6, 1x1, 5x3 (Did set 9 as push-press)
Power clean- 135lb, 4x5, 1x1, 1x2, 4x1
Front squat-135lb, 10x5

Alternated between chin-up and dip.
Originally I had the brilliant idea that I’d do this with 135lb push-press. Realized that I had no chance of actually push-pressing 135lb for 10x5 after the 95lb so I decided that I’d do 115lb for 10x6 instead!

Greatly overestimated what I could do. My upper back no longer had anything left after the fourth set. I didn’t want to stop because I wanted 10x5 front squats though, so I kept at it with the reps I could do on the OHP and power clean.

Short hiking trail yesterday.

Giant set-
Hip power clean- 45lb, 5x10
OHP- 45lb, 1x10, 4x12
Front squat- 45lb, 1x10, 3x15, back squat- 45lb, 1x20
NG pull-up- 2x10, pull-up- 3x10 (RP three reps on last set)

Wanted a break from doing heavier weights. Hip power cleans straight into OHP is still not easy with 45lb.

Giant set-
OHP- 45lbx10, 95lb, 3x10, 1x7
Power clean-45lbx10, 115lb, 4x8
Front squat- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x10
Pull-up-1x6 (no weight), 1x7, 3x6 (+20lb)
Dip- 1x6 (no weight), 1x7, 1x6, 2x5 (+20lb)

Started struggling badly with the press on set three of 95lb. Power clean felt effortless as far as power generation is concerned.

BB row-135lb, 3x10

My left shoulder, particularly the area in between the shoulder and pec, feels a bit weird right now. Hopefully this isn’t anything to worry about.

OHP- 45lb, 2x25
Front squat- 65lb, 2x25
Chin-up-1x25/Inverted row- 1x25

I had very little time to work out today so I plagiarized the SE clusters that several other folks are doing using the equipment I have available to me.

Didn’t feel difficult besides the chin-up. Did that in 5x5 with as little rest as I can take in between sets. I knew that I couldn’t replicate this in the second set, so I switched over to inverted rows. I did get breathing pretty heavy during the 2nd set of front squat though. In hindsight I should have done deadlifts just to do some sort of hinge.

We need a KB. It would go really well with the giant sets I’ve been doing and give another option when I don’t want to do the power cleans.

Short hiking trail.

I originally didn’t intend to time myself on these runs. Rather, I wanted to make sure that I can run the entire thing without stopping or tiring myself out to the point that I have to walk.

I still cannot run the entire thing without stopping, there’s some incline where I need to stop after a while and take a couple big gulps of air to continue, but I can jog the entire thing without needing to walk. As such, I now started timing myself.

I’m getting faster and faster at running this. My legs feel better on the incline and I can go faster on the flat/declines. Clocked today’s run at ~46min. For reference, the first time I timed myself it took ~58min. Very pleased with this.

Power clean-45lbx10
OHP-45lbx10, 95lbx5
Front squat- 45lbx10, 95lbx5

Giant set-
OHP-115lb, 2x7, 1x3, 95lb, 1x7
Front squat- 135lb, 4x10
Pull-up-3x10, 1x9 (RP 2 rep on set 3)

Overestimated myself again. Thought I could do 4x7 on the OHP if I cut out power cleans but I had to use some leg drive on the second set and burned out on the third set. I should take a couple sessions with 85lb.

Deadlift- 135/185/225lbx5 (TnG)

I did a 225lb triple that I forgot to write down a couple of weeks ago, but suffice it to say that this is the first time I actually deadlifted with real intent since I did that 185lbx15 sometime back in September. Grip felt really shaky and weak on the 225lb. I avoided doing deadlifts because I thought the weight is too light, but it may be a good idea to work up to doing 20-30 reps with double overhand grip.

Giant set-
OHP- 45lbx10, 85lb, 4x10
Power clean- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x5
Front squat- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x10
Dip-5x10 (RP 2 reps on set 4 and 5)

Feeling a bit run-down.

BTN press- 45lb 3x12
Inverted row-3x12

Short hiking trail yesterday with my dad. Ran the two big hills as fast as I can; that felt pretty hard.

Giant set-
OHP- 45lbx10, 85lb, 4x10
Front squat- 45lbx10, 135lb, 4x10
Pull-up-1x10, 4x6 (+20lb)
Dip-1x10, 4x6 (+20lb)

Feeling better today. In hindsight I got a bit delusional about my strength increase recently and evidently overextended. Felt better today coming out of the session than in.

135/185lbx5, 225lbx7
Fingers hurt. I suppose that means they they lost power too.

BB row- 135lb, 2x15

Giant set-
OHP-45lbx10, 85lb, 4x10
Power clean- 45lbx10, 95lb, 4x10
Front squat- 45lbx10, 135lb, 4x10
NG pull-up- 7/8/8/8/10
Dip- 3x11, 1x9, 1x10 (failed 11th rep)

It feels exhausting to get through 4x10 on the power clean. I don’t know what it is about this movement that makes it so tiring for me. The rest felt ok. I went extremely conservative with the pull-up numbers.

Inverted row- 2x15
Lateral step-downs-2x15

Front squat- 45lbx10

95lb, 5x10
Did rep 9/10 of set four with leg drive; let myself lose focus a bit on that set.

Assisted pistol squat- 2x6, 2x4, 2x3

Did the pistol squats by holding onto a beam for balance with one arm. I can do these confidently with my left leg but experience immense tightness and instability when I do them on my right leg.

Front squat- 45lbx10

Front squat-
95/135lbx5, 155lb, 5x10

Power cleaning got pretty hard on set four and five.

Pull-up-3x12 (RP on set 2/3)
Dip- 3x12 (RP on set 3)
Jump rope- 3x100

Giant set-
OHP-45lbx10, 85lb, 4x10
Front squat- 45lbx10, 85lb, 4x10
Pull-up-3x10, 1x8, 1x9
Dip- 2x12, 1x10, 1x6, 1x8

Didn’t get much sleep and it got rainy, so I didn’t want to spend time changing plates. Felt ok. Dip is not very strong, which I figure is because I’m too dependent on my triceps.

Any ideas why? And any plans to try and fix it?