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Magick's Training Log v2

Giant set-
OHP- 45lbx10, 95lb, 4x7
Power clean- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x6
Front squat- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x10
Pull-up- 2x9, 1x8, 1x6, 1x7(?)
Dip- 2x10, 1x8, 2x7 (?)

Not good today. Very angry at work all day + lifted late in the night after dinner. Felt tired and my abs felt uncomfortable and painful throughout, which seemed to make the bodyweight movements harder.

Tried a single rep of BB row at 115lb and it felt horrid, so stopped there.

Giant set-
OHP- 45lbx10, 85lb, 4x10 (last rep as push-press)
Power clean- 45lbx10, 115lb, 3x6, 1x1
Front squat- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x10
Pull-up- 5x9 (RP couple reps of set 4/5)
Dip- 5x9 (RP couple reps of set 4/5)

I think the increase in rep of power clean contributes to my bodyweight stuff suffering so much at the end.
First two set of OHP and bodyweight stuff felt easy.

BB row- 115lb, 3x15

Superset felt pretty easy because I took a lot of rest in between while coaching my dad and playing with the dog.

power clean/ohp/front squat- 45lbx5
ohp/front squat- 95lbx5

ohp-115lb, 5x5
front squat- 135lb, 5x10

Push-pressed the last rep of ohp. I think I could have done this without leg drive if I moved more aggressively on the fourth rep and kept the momentum up. Overall this felt solid and I am firmly getting closer and closer to my previous strength on the OHP.

Front squat felt good. Power cleaning 135lb felt pretty easy.

8 sets of-
60lbish “sandbag” carry- 2 laps
pull-upx5 (+10lb) (switched over to chin-ups from set 3)
dipx5 (+10lb)

No timed rest in set 1-5. Took 30 second rest on set 6 and one minute rests on set 7/8.
This felt good.

why so?

People asking for things or changing things at the last minute. I am good with having a lot of stuff to do, but I really dislike it when people either change plans or add more stuff to do at the last minute, and they’re all due ASAP.

Short hiking trail. Didn’t have to wait for my dad today so I kept moving the entire time. This felt brutal whenever I ran inclines, particularly two sections where I’m jogging on an increasingly steeper incline for seemingly minutes… and then it peaks with a sudden increase in incline at the end. Legs definitely felt it.

This is way more fun than jogging on the dirt track for miles on end.

Giant set-
OHP-45lbx10, 85lb, 4x8
Power clean- 45lbx10, 95lb, 4x5 (hip power clean after pulling from floor)
Front squat- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x10
Pull-up- 10/10/9/8/10 (RP on last set)
Dip- 3x10, 1x7, 1x10 (RP on last set)

OHP felt easy until last set.
First set of hip power clean felt effortless. It then got progressively more difficult and the last set was a struggle.

BB row- 115lb, 3x17 (RP last set)
Push-up-3x15 (rest in downward dog here and there)

This felt really hard on the last set.

Easy 3 mile jog.
Apparently dried the crap out of my sinuses, as I am now sneezing constantly and have runny noses.

Well, that sucks. Sadly, can’t do anything about it

Thanks. It’s not a big deal; I’m just getting antsy because it’s December and I’m still working.

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Giant set-
OHP- 45lbx10, 95lb, 4x8
Power clean- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x6
Front squat- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x10
Pull-up- 1x5, 4x6 (+20lb)
Dip- 1x5, 4x6 (+20lb)

Since the +10lb pull-up/dip felt pretty good last time I thought doing them along with the six reps of power cleans would work well together. I was right- this felt great.

5 sets of-
60lbish “sandbag” carry- 3 laps
100 jump-ropes

No rest in between besides whenever I fail miserably at jump-roping. I’m finally managing to do more jump-ropes in spite of being fatigued. This means I get to to the carries even faster and get to be even more fatigued. This is finally feeling like a proper conditioning portion of the workout.

Giant set-
OHP- 45lbx10, 95lb, 4x6
Power clean- 45lbx10, 95lb, 4x5 (hip clean)
Front squat- 45lbx10, 95lb, 4x6
Pull-up- 8/9/8/8/6
Dip- 3x10, 2x8

Didn’t reset between the OHP and power clean until the last set. Doing this still kills my upper back.

Inverted row- 5x15

Haven’t done the inverted row in a while. It feels a lot stronger now.

Giant set-
OHP- 45lbx10, 85lb, 4x10
Power clean- 45lbx10, 115lb, 3x5
Front squat- 45lbx10, 115lb, 2x10
Dip- 4x10, 1x6

OHP felt comfortable the entire way through. I took longer rests than usual because I lifted with my brother today. That probably contributed to my ability to do 10s on the dip and OHP. Power clean felt easy. Front squats felt sore, and I think that’s because I did an awful lot of deep squat holds yesterday while watching all the fights.

Forgot to do front squats on the third set; realized this when the chin-ups felt really easy.
It began raining pretty hard right before I started the last set, so I did OHP/chin-up/dip instead. I think that’s why dip numbers suffered at the end. I didn’t have enough time in between to recover.

Still a good session. I worried that I couldn’t lift at all today due to the rain.

I also did a bunch of frog stands throughout yesterday and finally got to holding it for a good 15 seconds! Yay.

Giant set-
OHP- 45lbx10, 95lb, 4x8
Power clean- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x7
Front squat- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x10
Pull-up- 1x6, 4x6 (+20lb)
Dip- 1x6, 4x6 (+20lb)

I forgot whether I did sets of 6 or 8 on the OHP last time and decided to go with my gut and do 8s. Good choice- I did 8s last time and this felt pretty good.
Bodyweight movements felt tougher than I recall, but that is probably because I did sets of 7 on the power clean. Overall felt ok.

BB row- 115lb, 4x15
Push-up- 4x15

Giant set-
OHP- 45lbx10, 95lb, 3x9, 1x7
Power clean- 45lbx10, 115lb, 4x5
Front squat- 4lbx10, 115lb, 4x10
Pull-up- 3x10, 1x8, 1x10
Dip- 5x10

Started to get really tired around the third set, causing me to drag my feet badly during the powerclean and front squats. This happened almost certainly due to the OHP; guess I’m not quite at the level where I can do 4x9 yet.

Did partial dips, sort of like how I interpret what T3hPwnisher means when he does them to focus on the chest. Felt quite a bit easier as a result. This only felt tiring on the last set.

No other work because I felt exhausted by the end of this.

Yeah, they’re not ideal for straight sets like that: moreso for rest pause or part of a finisher style set. When I do straight sets, I keep the ROM full.

It feels like my arms burn out first on dips. I wanted to see what would happen if I tried doing harder stuff on the OHP while keeping reps up on the dips. Focusing on my chest seemed the most logical solution.

I’ll try doing rest-pausing the dips the next time I try out this combination.

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OHP- 95lbx5, 115lb, 7x5
Front squat- 95lb, 115lbx5, 135lb, 6x5

OHP felt good.

5 sets of-
60lbish “sandbag” carry- 3 laps
dip-4x5, 1x10

No rest between sets.

Short hiking trail.

Giant set-
OHP-45lbx10, 85lb, 5x10
Power clean- 45lbx10, 115lbx5, 135lb, 2x5, 1x3
Front squat- 45lbx10
Pull-up- 2x10
Chin-up 3x10 (RP last 1-2 reps on these)

I am on work holiday for the next two weeks. I went on a 4-5hr trip with the dog and my mom today to some mountain trails where you can have the dog off-leash. It was fun; the dog certainly enjoyed it a lot.

Decided to do no dedicated leg stuff today because I didn’t feel like it. I am learning that pull-ups and power cleans don’t mix well for me.

Last rep of dips got a bit challenging. I feel that I am doing better at leaning forward on the dip.

BB row- 115lb, 5x15