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Magick's Training Log v2

Giant set-
Pull-up-11/10/8+3 RP
“Sandbag” squat- 80lb, 3x10
Dip-2x13, 1x10+4 RP
Single leg deadlift-3x6

Chloe Ting 30 minute workout.

The Chloe Ting workout wrecked me about 2/3 of the day through. I am used to doing at most 20 minute of these things on “strength” days and I apparently just ran out of steam. Didn’t need ab/core heavy parts to wreck me today.

Managed to actually do some strength circuit today. Didn’t manage to on the normal eating days because people kept scheduling meetings in the late afternoon, giving me no time to do these.

Giant set-
NG pull-up- 3x9
“Sandbag” squat-80lb, 3x10
Single leg deadlift-3x6

Chloe Ting 15 minute workout.

DB OHP-15lb, 2x20
Lat raise-8lb, 2x15
Inverted row- 4x16 dispersed around.

3 mile jog.

Haven’t jogged or even walked during the last two weeks due to the heat wave. I basically didn’t leave the house.

This felt good until mile 2, when my upper back and hips started to get tired. Felt like I maintained good posture through the entire jog though. Normally I’d start crunching up as I get tired, especially in my hips. Tried real hard to fight that today.

Feeling very sweaty and very warm right now.

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Running sucks, specially if you’re flat footed like me

Is your flat-footedness something you were born with or a muscle tightness issue? I fixed mine by stretching it.

Jogging is ok. I’m looking to jog for 5 mile straight with no consideration for time yet, so it’s a sheer matter of willpower than physical ability.

Giant set-
Backpack chin-up- +20lb, 3x5, 1x4, 1x5
Backpack push-up- +20lb, 3x15, 2x10
Backpack squat- +20lb, 5x20

Backpack inverted row- +20lb 5x10

Something I was born with since I remember my mother telling me from a young age that I had flat feet so I had an excuse not to join the military if ever I got drafted (dunno if that’s true or not, but that’s what she said). I’m technically just semi-flat foot as there’s an arch if my feet are off the floor, but it’s totally flat when I put it on the floor

Give this a try for flat feet. it fixed mine

Apologies if this website isn’t allowed here mods.

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I did do some lifting the last week. I think I got a weighted set in and a partial set in. Nothing special.

My brother finally understood the wisdom of getting a barbell and weights and agreed to get some.

Now I have a barbell and up to 160lb of weight to work with; pretty awesome.

Played around yesterday and scraped my knees while power cleaning 95lb- pretty dumb. Didn’t hurt myself today.

Giant set-
Power clean-45x10
OHP-45lbx10, 65lbx10, 95lb, 7/5/4
Front squat-45lbx10, 65lbx10, 95lb, 3x10
NG pull-up-2x10, 1x8, 2x6
Dip- 2x10, 1x8, 2x5ish (lost count)

Quite a bit weaker on the OHP. Not too concerned given that I lost 20lb+ and haven’t done the OHP in any serious capacity in the last month.

It appears that the “sandbag” OHP and front squats have helped with retaining strength. Front squat/power cleans both felt really easy. Didn’t lose any of my form or groove as far as I can tell. I don’t plan on trying out 135lb anytime soon though. OHP didn’t kill me but dips died.

I want to simplify the training and keep the same weight on the bar during this since I’m lifting with my brother, who is both weaker than me and also an idiot who likes to push himself WAY too hard. The plan is to be able to do 3x10 on everything on the 95lb, then move to 115lb, 135lb, 160lb. I’ll work power clean reps into this once I feel more comfortable.

Weight is down to 163lb on less eating days. Should hit 160lb by early October I think, unless barbell training forces me to eat more.

Edit- Forgot to add that I did 4x12 inverted rows afterwards.

And… I love power-cleaning. I didn’t realize that I actually missed doing it until now.

Giant set-
Power clean- 45lbx10, 65lbx5, 95lb, 2x5, 1x2
OHP-45lbx10, 65lbx10, 95lb, 3x6
Front squat- 45lbx10, 65lbx10, 95lb, 3x10
Wide grip pull-up- 9/8/8/7/7 I think
Dip- 10/9/7/5/5

Deadlift-135lbx10, 185lb, 2x10

Inverted row- 2x15
BB row- 95lb, 2x10

Did 2 reps on the last set of power clean because I got frustrated that the bar kept rolling- my backyard is clearly not level.
My collarbones are not used to the impacts of the power clean and not used to having a barbell sit on them.

Giant set-
Power clean- 45lbx10
OHP- 45lbx10, 65lbx10, 95lb, 3x6 (push-pressed last two reps)
Front squat- 45lbx10, 65lbx10, 95lb, 3x10
Pull-up- 10/9/7/6/5 I think
Dip- 10/8/8/6/5 I think

Getting fatigued. The final set felt miserable and the front squat actually started to feel tough. The OHP is too heavy for my current goal; I probably need 75-80lb and would be much better off if I did 65lb OHP instead for the time being.

Inverted row-2x15
BB row- 95lb, 2x12

oh hey, thanks man!

Giant set-
Power clean- 45lbx10
OHP- 45lbx10, 65lb, 4x10
Front squat- 45lbx10, 65lbx10, 95lb, 3x10
Chin-up-2x10, 2x7, 1x6
Dip- 2x10, 2x7, 1x6

Inverted row-2x12
BB row- 95lb, 2x12

Freaking tired.

Deadlift- 135lbx10, 185lbx12

Exhausted. Strength and strength endurance are both much weaker than before.

Giant set-
Power clean-45lbx10
OHP- 45lbx10, 65lb, 4x10
Front squat- 45lbx10, 65lbx10, 95lb, 2x10, 1x12
NG pull-up- 3x8, 2x6 I think
Dip- 2x10, 3x7

Inverted row- 2x15, 2x10

Not as tired today after the giant set.

Giant set-
Power clean- 45lbx10, 65lb, 4x5
OHP- 45lbx10, 65lb, 4x10
Front squat- 45lbx10, 65lbx10, 95lb, 3x12
Chin-up-2x10, 3x7
Dip- 2x10, 2x7, 1x10

BB row- 65lb, 2x12, 2x10

Took a lot of rest in sets 1-3 because I was teaching my dad how to lift. I think that’s why I felt good enough to do another set of 10 on the dip.

Overhead squat- 45lb, 10/12
Power clean/OHP/Front squat- 45lbx10
Power clean and push-press- 95lbx3, 115lb, 5x3
Deadlift- 135lbx10, 185lbx16


The power cleans and push-presses felt good and powerful. Grip strength is returning on the deadlift and I’m not super sore from doing these.

3 mile jog yesterday. Started to get pretty hard after the 2nd mile. I basically didn’t leave the house for well over a month at this point due to the fires, so I’m pretty sure that had a huge impact.

Giant set-
Hip power clean- 45lbx10, 65lb, 4x5
OHP-45lbx10, 65lb, 3x10, 1x12
Front squat- 45lbx10, 65lbx10, 95lb, 3x15
Wide grip pull-up-5x8
Dip- 2x10, 3x8

BB row- 65lb, 3x12 (paused at top), 1x24 (no pause)

Working out with my brother and sister-in-law, so I get ample rest in between sets. The entire giant set itself still gets me breathing heavy, but it’s good to have the rest so that I can push the reps.

Giant set-
Power clean- 45lbx10, 95lb, 4x5 (from the floor for the first set, hip power clean afterward)
OHP- 45lbx10, 65lb, 4x12
Front squat- 45lbx10, 95lb, 4x10
NG pull-up-5x8
Dip- 2x10, 2x8, 1x7

Inverted row- 16/14/12

Giant set-
Power clean- 45lbx10, 95lb, 4x5 (from the floor for the first rep, hip power clean afterward)
OHP- 45lbx10, 65lb, 4x12
Front squat- 45lbx10, 95lb, 4x10
Chin-up-2x10, 3x8
Dip- 2x10, 3x8

Backpack bearhug carry- 80lb, 2/2/3 laps in the backyard.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but the scorching heat of summer (I HATE summer heat with a passion) prevented me from ever doing it. Finally cooling down, so I did it.

It felt fucking hard. Feels perfectly fine 1.5 laps and then the exertion suddenly jumps to what feels like near max. I must have adapted on the third set I did, because footspeed felt like it increased dramatically.

Weight- Stuck at 164-165lb. I’m actually happy with this. As far as I’m concerned I am at a happy place where I am regaining strength and muscle mass while keeping bf down.

It would be incredible if I can keep this up while I rebuild up to a 135lb OHP.

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How tall are you again?

I’m 5ft 7.