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Magick's Training Log v2


Sun 2/17-

Squat (SS squat/pull-upx3/dipx3)
135/165/195/225/255/285lbx3, 225lb 5x5

Being able to do this kind of stuff has been my dream ever since I read Alpha’s and T3hPwnisher’s logs. I am happy that I can finally this kind of training with ease. Far more exciting to me than improving my absolute squat strength tbh.

Single leg deadlift-5x10
Push-up-4x10, 1x20
Double DB row, 30lb, 5x10
Hanging knee raise-5x10


Mon 2/18-

OHP (SS OHP/forward lungex5/BB row with the same weight as OHPx5)
75/85/95/105/115lbx5, 100lb,5x5

Pretty easy now.

BTN press, 60lb- 4x14, 1x10
Boat pose crunch-5x10

The lunges did affect the RFESS, thus no added weight. Chin-ups felt fresh and easy.

Suitcase carry- 20lb, 10 total laps each hand. Did 5 laps with one hand, switched over to the other hand and did 5 laps, rested 30 seconds, then repeat.


Weds 2/20-

Squat (SS squat/pull-upx3/dipx3)
135/165/195/225/255/285lbx3, 225lb, 4x6

Max strength is not improving but the 225lb felt better on the hip, faster than before, and general level of conditioning feels good. Only started to get a bit winded at the end.

Reverse hyperextension-5x10
Double DB row, 30lb, 5x12
Hanging knee raise-5x10

Snatch-grip deadlift- 135/165/195lbx5
Paused deadlift- 225lb, 3x5

No space to do any loaded walks so I did deadlifts instead.


Thurs 2/21-

OHP (SS OHP/reverse lungex5/BB row with OHP weightx5)
75/85/95/105lbx5, 115lbx7, 110lbx5, 100lb, 4x5

Pushed the reps a bit on the 115lb; felt ok. Misloaded and did 110lb for the first set.

DB OHP- 30lb, 5x10
Boat pose crunch-5x10

I am going on a business trip for two weeks. The hotel is supposed to have weights but we’ll see. All the nice hotels I’ve been to so far had DBs that go pretty high, so if that’s the case here then I should be able to do a ton of interesting things.

The more problematic issue is food. I doubt I’ll be able to get the amount of protein I want.


Either bring protein for shakes or have a couple of extra eggs.


Not enough space in my bag for protein powder =(

Anyways, none of these matter- the hotel gym doesn’t have anything worth using.

Doesn’t even have some sort of place where I can do pull-ups either…

Gonna go bunch of minor calisthenics.

RFESS-5x10, single-leg deadlift- 3x10, reverse lunge-2x10
double DB row- Some really light weight, 10x10
boat pose crunch- 5x10, lying leg raise-3x10, knees to chest-2x10



Back from business trip. Lost around 4-5lb and a belt size. ~174lb in the morning now.

Mon 3/11-

Squat (SS squat/pull-upx3/dipx3)
135/165/195lbx3, 225lbx7, 165lb, 5x5

TnG deadlift- 135/185lbx5

TnG deadlift, 225lb-5x5
Double DB row, 20lb-5x10
Hanging knee raise-5x10

Did the TnG deadlift while holding my breath.

Overall, not difficult. Lighter weight on everything so that body can ease back into barbell lifts with minimal soreness.


Welcome back my friend.
Did the hotel have a decent gym?

Some workout to come back with. Awesome.


Nope. Did a bunch of push-ups, RFESS, and super-strict rows with light DBs.

Weds 3/13-

45/65/75/85/95/105lbx5, 85lb, 5x5

Power clean-
45/65/75/85/95/105/115lbx3, 125lbx1

Power clean from the hip-
85lb, 5x5


Felt sore pretty much everywhere today + very fatigued from stress at work. This was the best I could do.

Everything is weaker. I think being sore and stress are the major contributors.


Fri 3/15-

Squat (SS squat/pull-upx3/dipx3)
135/165/195/225lbx3, 235lbx5, 185lb, 5x5

Went ok.

TnG deadlift- 135/185/225/255/285lbx3

285lb felt more like a RDL started from the floor than a normal deadlift. Pretty easy. I’m using hook grip for these. I’m pretty happy that it works ok in spite of the fact that I haven’t used it for months.

TnG deadlift, 225lb-5x6
Double DB row, 15lb- 5x10
Hanging knee raise-5x10

Didn’t feel sore today. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.


Great session Magick, moved a lot of iron man.


I am much weaker than I used to be =(


65/75/85/95lbx5, 105lbx6, 85lb, 5x5

Power clean-
65/75/85/95/115lbx3, 135lb, 10x1 (30 second rests)

Power clean from hip-
85lb, 5x5

Hanging leg raise-
uh, 4-5x1?

Cossack squat-

Power clean is coming back. OHP is not. Cossack squats pretty easy. I guess RFESS helps with the flexibility and strength for this. Yay.

One arm DB OHP, 15lb- 5x10
boat pose crunch-5x10

This didn’t feel difficult. Chin-up is back.

Waiter’s walk- 15lb KB held upside down. 5 laps with each hand.


Squat (SS squat/pull-upx3/dipx3)
135/165/195/225lbx3, 255lbx1, 185lb, 5x5

No timed rest in between the ramp sets. Did 2 reps on the pull-up at the end.

TnG deadlift (for the ones with multiple reps)-
135/185/225/255lbx3, 285/315/345lbx1

Felt pretty easy. No timed rest between any of this.

TnG deadlift, 245lb-5x5
Double DB row, 15lb- 1x11, 4x12
Hanging knee raise-5x10

Feeling very hungry now.


Bench (SS bench/DB rowx5/RFESSx5)
20/35/45/55lbx5, 65lbx10, 50lb, 5x5

OHP (feet together)-
65/75/85lbx5, 95lbx7

Cossack squat-5x5
BTN press, 45lb-5x10
Clean grip reverse lunge, 45lb-5x5
boat pose crunch-5x10


Squat (SS squat/pull-upx3/dipx3)
135/165/195lbx3, 225/255/285lbx1, 185lbx20
Didn’t do the pull-up and dips on the 20 rep set, though in hindsight I should have.

That started to feel genuinely difficult from rep 15-16.
285lb felt a bit slow, but I’m pleased that my legs appear to be back to pre-trip strength.

135/225lbx3, 255/285/315/345/375lbx1, 405lbx0

375lb felt easy, so I figured 405lb would be there too. Grip said no.

TnG deadlift, 245lb-5x5
Double DB row, 20lb- 5x12
Hanging knee raise-5x10


DB bench (SS bench/DB rowx5/RFESSx5)
25/35/45/55/70lbx5, 80lbx4, 50lb, 5x6
+10lb DBs on the RFESS for the 50lb sets.

45/65/75/85lbx5, 95lbx9

BTN press, 45lb-5x10

Clean grip reverse lunge-
45/65/75/85lbx5, 95lbx3, 45lb, 2x5, 3x3

6x5, 4x3

Dropped reps on the lunges and chin-up as muscle fatigue started to set in.


Squat (SS squat/pull-up/push-up)
135/165/195lbx3, 225/255/285lbx1, 205lb, 5x5
Pull-up-3x4, 8x3

285lb feels fine now.


Hook grip. Easy. My thumb has magically gotten better at holding 315lb+ I suppose my grip strength improved.

TnG deadlift, 245lb-5x6
Double DB row- 12.5lb, 5x15
Hanging knee raise-5x11

My shoulders did not enjoy the dips. Positioning was not good.


Superset 1

BTN press-
55lb, 4x8

Clean grip reverse lunge-
45/65/75/85/95lbx5, 45lbx5, 55lbx, 4x5


Superset 2
DB bench-
30/40/50/60lbx5, 70lbx8, 50lb, 4x7

DB row-
30/40/50/60lbx5, 70lbx16, 50lb, 4x5

+10lb DBs, 9x5

Fun. 95lb on the reverse lunge sucked; my hips are either really tight or there’s a strength imbalance. Either way, good exercise to bring back in.

Chin-ups felt easy.

Finally learning that it is quite possible to do more work if you stop thinking about what you can/can’t do. I think I would have done this in two separate sessions a long time ago. Now I did it in under an hour.

Did a couple power cleans with 135/155lb in there. I need to stop doing these heavy for a while. I smashed that little bony part of the collarbone right under the neck a while back by doing power cleans with bad form. Now I have a little lump there and it keeps getting smashed by the bar. It bruised and swelled up, so need to give it time to heal and also do the power cleans with a proper quarter-squat dip again.


Superset 1
135/165/195lbx3, 225/255/285lbx1, 205lb, 5x6
Pull-up-6x4, 5x3
Dip-6x4, 5x3

Legs got wobbly from 205lb. Dips feel a lot better if I do them first.

135/225/255/285lbx3, 315lbx1

Nope. Hamstrings felt dead.

Superset 2-
RDL, 135lb-5x6
Double DB row- 15lb, 5x15
Hanging knee raise- 5x10