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Magick's Training Log v2


Yoga yesterday

Fri 1/18-

Squat (SS pull-upx3)
135/165/195/225/255/285lbx3, 255lbx10

Decided I wanted to do 10 reps. Got breathing pretty heavy by the end of it but legs were fine- lungs were the limiting factor.

Reverse hyperextension- 5x15
Double DB row, 15lb-5x15
Hanging leg raise to parallel-5x10

Trap bar carry- 90lb, 10 total laps.


Nice workout 255 x 10 is a lot of reps.
Do you do these like a WOD or do you pause between rounds?


One minute rest between each set of the circuit with no timed rest between each exercise in the circuit.


Sat 1/19-

65/75/85/95/105/115/125lbx3, 135lbx1
Upper back/screwy left hip did not enjoy this.

DB bench-
50/60/70/80lbx4, 65lbx8

Pretty easy except for the 80lb

Clean grip reverse lunge, 45lb-5x10
NG pull-up-5x5
NG DB OHP-30lb, 5x10
Hand walk-out-5x5

Yoga on Sunday

Mon 1/21-

Squat (SS pull-upx3)
135/165/195/225/255/285lbx3, 305lbx1, 265lbx6

Everything felt good. 305lb and 265lb didn’t feel fast, but I also felt no stress/effort on my legs. The only thing tired after this was my lungs, which I think is terrific.

Reverse hyperextension-5x10
Double DB row, 30lb-5x10
Hanging leg raise to parallel-5x10

Reduced reps on the hyperextension so that I can focus on getting better reps; I think this would be easier if I had an actual hyperextension platform. Push-ups felt pretty tiring today, not sure why.

Medicine ball carry- 50lb, 10 total laps, two laps bear-hug, alternating laps on either shoulder, then final two laps bear-hug.

Suitcase carry- 30lb, 5 laps each hand.

Felt like a good day. Would be nice if every day went like this.


Work is more important than Yoga.

Weds 1/23-

75/85/95/105/115/125lbx3, 135lbx2, 95lbx8

Short pause at top and bottom of the 95lb.


My knee started feeling itchy at 85lb. I’m too stupid and kept cleaning anyways, and now I’m pretty sure the injury is aggravated again.

Stupid, stupid.

RFESS- 20lb DBx10, no weight, 4x12
NG DB OHP-30lb, 5x12
Kneeling ab-wheel roll-out-5x10


yes absolutely… but I would probably have done the same, thinking maybe if I work harder it’ll go away :slight_smile:

RRESS ? but why I think it’s quite hard on the knee… for me it slides forward it I’m not very careful


I haven’t had an issue with RFESS so far even with the hurt knee. I don’t want to avoid a movement unless it’s causing pain.

Yoga yesterday.

Fri 1/25-

135/225/255/285/315/345lbx3, 375/405lbx1

My left hip didn’t enjoy this, but I think I’m getting some benefits from the volume stuff- this felt very easy except the 405lb, but I think that’s because I didn’t like how the left hip felt.

Reverse hyperextension-5x11
Double DB row, 30lb-5x12
Hanging leg raise to parallel-5x10

The hyperextension feels better and now I know how much effort I need to put into my left hamstring to even my hips out.

This was the easiest since doing these circuits, happy with that.

Trap bar carry, 140lb, 10 total laps.


Sat 1/26-

65/75/85/95/105/115lbx5, 95lbx8

DB bench-
55/65/75lbx5, 50lbx16

The ramp on the bench felt a bit hard. I think this happened because the OHP tired my triceps out, which is probably useful for actually focusing on the chest. The 50lb felt super easy though, and so I just kept going. Probably could have done over 20 reps if I wanted to push it.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my upper body is too weak to do triples for any meaningful progression. I’ll stick to 5s as a minimum and see how that goes.

RFESS- 5x5
NG chin-up-5x5
NG DB OHP, 30lb-5x5

Done in a circuit with no timed rest in between. I think I’m getting a cold, so I didn’t want to do the normal circuit. Got my heart-rate up a bit but nothing felt tiring except for the last set of chin-up.


No yoga yesterday because of cold.

Mon 1/28-

Squat (SS pull-upx3)
135/165/195/225/255lbx3, 285lbx2, 265lbx4

Knee a little tingly but no impact on performance, which is good. Wanted about 6 reps on the 265lb but suddenly felt very tired at 4- my guess is lingering cold.

Reverse hyperextension-5x12
Double DB row, 30lb-3x14, 1x12, 1x14
Hanging leg raise- 3x5, then to parallel-2x5

Got a little light-headed on the last set; definitely fatigued from cold + waking up a lot earlier than usual because of the dog.


No yoga yesterday because of cold.

Weds 1/30-

65/75/85/95/105/115lbx5, 95lbx12

DB bench-
50/60/70lbx5, 60lbx10

RFESS- 5x5
NG chin-up-5x5
NG DB OHP, 30lb-5x5

No timed rest in between.

This cold is not going away. Today felt the worst. Hopefully it will go away soon.


No yoga

Fri 2/1-

Squat (SS pull-upx3)
135/165/195/225/255/285lbx3, 255lb, 1x5, 1x2

My quads felt weak today. They tired out first on the 285lb and 255lb.

Knee is ok as far as squatting is concerned but it’s not healed yet.

Reverse hyperextension-5x10
Push-up (short pause at top and bottom)-5x10
Double DB row, 35lb- 5x10
Hanging leg raise to parallel- 5x10

Cold is almost gone, but it’s still here. So I did sets of 10s. Used 35lb on the row cause I couldn’t find the 30lb.

Edit- weight is finally below 180lb- currently at ~179 depending on when I ate. I think the main reason is because I switched from oatmeal to white rice- apparently oatmeal bloats me.

I want to get down to ~170lb before I start thinking of adding more calories back on, but that’ll depend on just how lean I look at 170lb.


Sat 2/2-

65/75/85/95/105/115lbx5, 95lbx6 (short pause at top and bottom)

Power clean from hip-
65/75/85/95lbx5, 105lbx3, 115lb, 95lbx1

The OHP felt more difficult than usual.

DB bench-
50/60lbx5, 70lbx6, 55lbx10

NG chin-up-5x6
DB OHP, 30lb-5x10
Hand walk-out-4x5

Forgot to do the first set of hand walk-out.

Trap bar carry, 140lb- 5 total laps.

Cold is mostly gone.


Mon 2/4-

Squat (SS pull-upx3)
135/165/195/225/255lbx3, 285lbx2, 245lbx7

Squat feels weaker; going to go back down in weight.

Single leg deadlift-5x5
Double DB row, 30lb-5x15
Hanging leg raise to parallel-5x10

The leg raises felt difficult.

Suitcase carry- 30lb kb, 10 laps each side.

The opposite hip/core felt hammered on this.

Cold is pretty much gone. I guess I am losing some strength on the large movements. I am assuming it’s because of the weight loss- I basically lost 6-8lb over the period of a month, so I guess it makes sense. Could also be because of the cold; could be because I switched from oatmeal to white rice and I think I am getting fewer calories from the white rice.

Dunno. Don’t really care tbh.


Weds 2/6-

65/75/85/95/105/115lbx5, 95lbx9 (short pause at top and bottom)

Power clean-
65/75/85/95/105/115/125/135lbx3, 145/155/165lbx1

The OHP felt better today. The power cleans felt awful the moment the weight become somewhat heavy- cannot seem to transfer power all the way to the upper body.

DB bench-
50/60/70lbx5, 80lbx4, 60lbx6 or 7 (short pauses at top and bottom)

Went for 80lb cause the 70lb felt pretty easy. Too unstable on 80lb but the actual act of pressing it seems to be ok.

BTN press- 65lbx10, 55lb, 4x12
Hand walk-out-5x6

65lb too heavy on the BTN press.


Yoga yesterday. Felt very relaxing.

Fri 2/8-

135/225/255/285/315/345/375lbx3, 405lb, 2x1

These felt like pretty good reps. Wanted 3x1 on 405lb but the second set felt too slow to be worth it.

Squat (SS pull-upx3)
135/165/195/225lbx3, 245lbx8

Not difficult. Knee didn’t really hurt on these, but they did hurt on the warm-up squats for the deadlift…

Reverse hyperextension- 2x12, 3x10
Push-up-2x17, 3x12
Double DB row, 30lb- 2x12, 3x10
Hanging leg raise- 4x5, to parallel-1x5

Decided to drop reps on others to make the leg raises easier, but not sure if it worked…


Sat 2/9-

75/85/95/105/115lbx5, 95lb, 5x5

NG chin-up-5x6
Dip-3x8, 1x6, 1x5
Boat pose crunch (or w.e they’re supposed to be called)-5x6

Dip performance disappointed me. I thought I’d be able to do much better since the push-ups got stronger, but clearly not. I want to do dips again and in higher volume, so I may go with 10x5 on this if I’m at this gym.

Trap bar carry- 185lb, 10 total laps.


Mon 2/11-

135/225/255/285/315/345lbx3, 375/405bx1, 435lbx0

The triples all felt really really fast. I thought I could get 435lb easy but my lower back said this is a stupid idea and didn’t even bother to engage.

Squat (SS pull-upx3)
135/165/195/225/255lbx3, 225lb, 2x5

Knee is not well.

Single leg deadlift-5x10
Double DB row, 30lb- 5x10
Hanging leg raise-5x5

Suitcase walk- 30lb, 10 total laps each hand.


Yoga yesterday

Weds 213-


Power clean-
75/85/95/105/115/135lbx2, 145lb, 8x3


I really need to focus on tightening my glutes and standing tall while doing the OHP.

The power cleans felt easy but I need to focusing on keeping a balanced hip (I think I am slouching towards some direction) and actually extending at the top. I managed to extend for set 5-6 or so and it felt virtually effortless- the power actually transferred upwards correctly. I am sure that I can power clean so much more if I just understand how to do this correctly.

Chin-up-3x7, 2x6
BTN press-60lb, 5x10
Boat pose crunch-5x10

Balance no longer an issue on the RFESS. Next step is to be able to keep a straight spine, stop leaning to the side when I get tired, and keeping a balanced hip when I do these on the left leg.

I like these crunches.

Muscle snatch from hang- 45lb, 2x10


Thurs 2/14-

Lifted today instead of yoga because it fit my schedule better. I’ll probably go to yoga tomorrow…or I might go lift again since I may not have time to do anything on Saturday, and I consider lifting more important than yoga.

Squat (SS pull-upx3 for the ramp)
135/165/195/225/255lbx3, 225lb, 4x6

No idea what I’m even attempting to do anymore.

Reverse hyperextension-5x10
Double DB row, 30lb- 5x10
Hanging leg raise-5x5

Pretty easy. Got this entire thing done in under 10 minutes; probably the fastest I’ve ever done this circuit.


More lifting!

Fri 2/15-


Power clean-
75/85/95/105/115/135lbx2, 155lbx1, 175lbx0, 135lb, 2x5

I didn’t believe I could do this the moment before I started the rep on 175lb, so it became something close to a clean pull.

100lb, 5x5

These feel better if I do them with my eyes closed.

RFESS, 10lb DBs- 5x10
BTN press-60lb, 4x12, 1x10
Boat pose crunch-5x10