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Magick's Training Log v2



Tues 11/20
5/3/1 Beginner Prep School Cycle 7 B2-
Yoga flow

Power clean and push-jerk-
95/115/135lbx1, 165lb, 5x1

power cleans didn’t feel great.

135/225/265/305lbx5, 345lbx10, 265lb, 5x5

Hanging leg raise-

The AMRAP got very difficult. Should have stopped at rep 6-7 but my ego got in the way.

45/65/80/90lbx5, 100lbx10, 80lb, 5x5

Crunches with feet elevated and pulling them towards you? Not sure what these are called-

Single leg deadlift-5x5
Kneeling ab-wheel roll-out-5x9

Finally brought my ab-wheel with me.

Tues 11/20-
Jogged .12x8 at 7.6 speed. Tired from the day before and it showed. Yoga afterwards. My upper back and core felt very sore and tired.

Weds 11/21-
5/3/1 Beginner Prep School Cycle 7 A3-
Yoga flow and 15-17 jumps

45/75/105/130/145lbx5, 160lbx6, 130lb, 5x5

Didn’t feel easy like it did two weeks ago.

135/185/225/255lbx5, 285lbx2

Body felt bad on the 225lb and had to psyche myself up for 255lb. 285lb felt too slow to be worth doing, so I stopped the entire squat session.

Front squat (45lb)-5x12
BB row (45lb)-5x13
Hanging leg raise (to parallel)-5x6

This went well, so I know the issue I had with the bench and squat are not likely to be related to muscle fatigue.

I’m realizing now that AMRAP do not work for me- I have a set rep goal in my head based off previous performances and I get stuck trying to match them. As a result I am constantly finding myself pushing 1-2 reps beyond what I should be doing. Great if I’m doing a true AMRAP, but these are supposed to be higher reps that never come close to failure; which is the complete opposite of what I’m doing right now.

Also annoys me that I’m having a hard time doing things that I did months ago at a lighter bodyweight. I think that’s the main reason- I’m pretty sure I deadlifted 345lb for 12-13 reps and it didn’t feel anything as difficult as this felt. Nor did it break my body down as badly as this set clearly did based on how I feel and my performance on the squat today.

Not happy.

Today’s terrible performance likely comes from a combination of overreaching with the AMRAP + going to bed late yesterday + not over-eating (back on a sensible diet that I have control over, but I need to tweak carbs a lot I think).

Since this cycle is about done (I’m pretty sure I’m going to have similarly bad results on the last session of this cycle), I think this is a fine time to evaluate how things went.

It didn’t go that well in my opinion.

The only real positive is that I’m jogging at an ok speed (while these are broken up in sets, I am doing a mile in under 10 minutes when I jog/walk at 8.8 speed with ease and that’s all I want to be able to do).

Yoga is clearly going to be a long term thing if I want to reap any real mobility benefits.

The worst part is that I’ve gained a good 5lb of what has to be nothing but pure fat in the last three months, since I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten weaker on the barbell lifts. This likely happened because I kept eating as though I’m lifting 6x a week when I’m not. Yoga and/or jogging doesn’t come close to what I’ve been burning from lifting. Too bad full body 3x a week left me feeling even more sore and tired than 6x a week did. Yep, didn’t feel that great even when I didn’t do the AMRAP sets.

Going to go back to double-progression and at least four days of lifting a week. Upper/lower barbell split with assistance and circuit being full-body. The only time I had success with squatting and benching was when I did double-progression going from 5 to 8 reps, but it also left me unable to walk the following day for squats. Since I would like to continue jogging and doing yoga, I need to tweak the reps (and thus the required effort on them) accordingly. Probably 3 sets of 8-10 reps or some such. I’ll adjust as I go along.


Don’t particularly care about what I did last week. Suffice it to say things went about as expected. The only thing note-worthy in my mind is that I power-snatched 125lbx2, which I found pretty cool.


Power clean and push-jerk-

Squat (SS with 2-3 reps of pull-ups)
135/165/195/225lbx3, 255lbx1, 285lbx4

Body felt twisted again + I’ve had the first part of a root canal done today, so I’m trying really hard not to bite down. Much better than last week as far as nerves are concerned though, so pleased enough with that for today. Probably won’t be pushing anything until the root canal is completed and I am in no danger of breaking my teeth.

RDL (45lb)-5x10
BB row (45lb)-5x16
Hanging knee raise-5x10


Did some overhead squats for warm-up and snatch from hang with the bar; felt pretty stable.

Power snatch-
65/85/95/115lbx3, 125lbx2

45/75/95/115/135/140lbx3, 145lbx2

135lb and 140lb felt pretty easy, though I wasn’t perfectly straight.

Was testing for 3rm or close to it; 145lb-150lb is a good bet for that.

Front squat(45lb)-5x16
BTN press(45lb)-5x10
Kneeling ab-wheel roll-out-5x10

Face pull-5x12


Clean and push-jerk-
95/115/135/155lbx2, 165/175lbx1

Felt pretty good. Haven’t front squatted in months and this felt smooth.

Squat (SS Pull-upx3)
135/185/225/255lbx3, 285lbx2

285lb felt slow.

BB row(45lb)-5x20
Hanging knee raise-5x11

Been eating my dinner for close to an hour now because I cannot chew with the left side of my mouth. It is very annoying.


Power snatch-
45/65/85/105lbx2, 115/125lbx1

125lb felt easy, but my left shoulder suddenly felt very loose.

45/75/95/115lbx3, 135lbx5

Little bits of leg drive here and there on 135lb, but ok given how my shoulders felt on the power snatch I think.

Front squat(45lb)-5x20
BTN press(45lb)-1x12, 1x11, 3x12
Kneeling ab-wheel roll-out-5x10

God, only the fourth day of attempting to do 50-100 reps of assistance stuff and I’m already sick of it. It doesn’t help that this is actually tiring me out by the end. I cannot imagine myself doing 5x20 on the front squat with 135lb, but that’s exactly what I plan on doing in the near future.

Did a set off 11 with the BTN somewhere cause I forgot I wanted to do sets of 12.

The 5x5 I did in the circuit felt easy.

Chin-up-4x5, 1x4
Plate front raise(25lb)-4x5

DB curl(20lb)-2x10

The entire point behind this is to do something that just gets me moving while keeping actual strength work to a bare minimum and get used eating at what should be a deficit.

Weighed myself today at ~184. A good 5lb down since I weighed myself on Sunday so clearly going well. Most of that has to be water weight. We’ll see how much I weigh next Friday.

I’ll start adding more sets to the Olympic lift stuff once I establish baseline calories required + my teeth is fixed. I don’t plan on doing anything with the squat and press besides working up to some arbitrary max of the day.


Clean and push-jerk-
95/115/135/155lbx2, 175lbx1
155lb, 5x2 cleans and 1 jerk

Either pulled the bar in front of me through a shitty pull/form or I didn’t pull high enough on the 175lb, resulting in a really shitty catch and a lot of the weight going into my right knee. Knee currently feels off/weird but nothing actually hurts, so I’m hoping I get to get away from this with no real damage.

Squat (SS three pull-up)
45/135/185/225lbx3, 255lbx6

Need to learn to use my slightly improving left ankle mobility.

BB row(45lb)-5x20
Hanging knee raise-5x10


65/85/95/115lbx3, 135lbx6

leg drive used on rep 4-6.

135lbx3, 225lb, 2x1, 275/315/365/405/435lbx1

Felt pretty easy. Took a moment for the bar to come off the floor on 435lb but felt smooth once it did.

I really want to stop back squatting and just do deadlifts instead. Whatever imbalances I have make the squat a bitch to get stronger on while I can pretty much ignore it on the deadlift as long as I stick to 1-3 reps.

Front squat- 65lb, 3x12, 45lb, 1x12, 65lb, 1x12
BTN press- 45lb, 5x14
Kneeling ab-wheel roll-out-5x10

Forgot to add the 10lb back on for the fourth set of squat. The ab-wheels felt difficult.


Haven’t been able to go to yoga for a while cause of work.

I didn’t even want to lift today but had to do something.

Power clean-
95/115/135lb, one from the floor and two above knees
155/165lbx1- power clean and push jerk
135lb, one from floor and two above knees
135lb, 4x3 with push-presses as well

Very bad at generating power when I do power cleans from above the knees; probably should do these a lot more often with lighter weight.



Thurs 12/6 - Did yoga! yay.

Fri 12/7-
Power clean-
95/115/135/155lbx2, 165lb, 3x2, 155lb, 2x2

Planned on doing 5x2 with 165lb but failed a rep; I think because I let the bar get away from me. Went down to 155lb.

75/95/115lbx3, 135lbx4

Front squat- 65lb, 5x14
BTN press-5x15
Kneeling ab-wheel roll-out-5x10

Sat 12/8-

135/185/225/255lbx3, 285lbx2
225lb, 3x8

No idea what happened to my squat strength. Haven’t done this kind of stuff in a while; hope my legs are ok tomorrow. The 3x8 itself felt pretty easy except for the last two reps.

RDL-45lb, 5x20
BB row- 45lb, 5x20
Hanging knee raise- 5x10

This felt tough today.


Sat 12/9
45/75/95/115lbx3, 135lbx5

A little bit of leg drive on 3-5.

Clean and push-jerk-
135lb, 8x3

Push-pressed the first two reps and decided that I couldn’t continue doing that.

Felt ok.

Short session just to get the body to do something today.


Yoga and jogged .12x8 at 6.0 speed today. Restarting jogging once more; felt pretty easy.

Right knee feels a little weird but it felt better after yoga. Jogging might not be good right now.


Tues 12/11-

235lb, 3x6

Pull-up-5x3, 2x1

Actually did a rep on the 265lb and then racked it to put collars on- something went weird with the unrack and the plates shifted around.

Went with a fast tempo on the squats; didn’t even bother getting a deep breath in between most of the reps. Everything except the 265lb felt really fast. This just confirms what I’ve been suspecting for a while- I feel better and seemingly improve better when I do high reps with very low weight.

RDL (stood on a plate)- 65lb, 5x12
BB row-65lb, 5x10
Hanging knee raise-5x10

My shoulders and my right elbow felt irritated. If this doesn’t go away after a couple of weeks then I’ll have to reduce volume.


Weds 12/12-

45/95/115lbx3, 135lbx4

135lb, 6x4

Cleaned everything.

135/225/275/315lbx3, 365/405lbx1

Deadlifted on those artificial grass fields public gyms have. Felt really squishy and uneven at 365/405lb, so I stopped. I need to deadlift on a platform or on the bare floor.

Felt fast and strong, so better than nothing.

Front squat(65lb)-5x16
BTN press(45lb)-5x12
Kneeling ab-wheel roll-out-5x10

Dropped volume on the BTN to compensate for the push-jerks.


Did yoga on thursday but didn’t get to jog.

Fri 12/14-
Squat (SS 3 pull-ups)
235lb, 3x7

Good morning- 45lb, 5x10
BB row- 65lb, 5x12
Hanging knee raise-5x10

Man, good mornings with just a bar felt challenging when done like this. Felt like I wasn’t breathing very well.


Sat 12/15-

OHP-45/75/95lbx5, 115lbx3
Front squat-45/75/95/115lbx5

Front squat- 135lb, 10x5
Chin-up-7x5, NG pull-up-3x5 (mixed them then went straight chin-up)
Hanging leg raise-2x5, 1x3

Today felt very very difficult. 1:30 min between the superset, then went to 2:30 from set six onward. Felt like I had to muscle everything; pretty much no clean rep on the power clean and the front squats. Stopped doing leg raises because my hip felt dead.

Knew today would not be good when the 95lbx5 on the OHP felt difficult, but had no idea I would be this tired out.

I blame going to bed so damned late. Start of vacation and I stayed up too late enjoying things.


Mon 12/17-

Squat (SS pull-upx3)

Right knee felt weird/ if I’m being totally honest hurt a bit. Felt weird while sleeping yesterday too.

=( It appears that I didn’t get off with no injuries after all.

RDL -65lb, 5x14
BB row- 65lb 5x16
Hanging knee raise- 1x10, hanging leg raise- 4x5


Be careful with the knees mate, was it from that clean and jerk session a couple of weeks ago?

Hoping it’ll pass away.

My go to rehab for knees (and just about everything) is cycling, gentle to the knees and gets the joints moving and blood flowing.



My right knee is my problem area, which every gym-rat who doesn’t pay attention to pre-hab and re-hab seems to have eventually. Previously it got better if i didn’t do too much heavy stuff, so I hoping that I can adjust back squat to bare minimum heavy stuff and let it heal while still back squatting.

Tues 12/18-

75/95/115lbx3, 135lbx5, 95lbx10

Push-press on the fifth rep of 135lb, 95lb done very strict. Cleaned everything; knee felt ok with that.

135/225/275lbx3, 315/365lbx1
405lb, 5x1

Planned on either doing 445lbx1 or 405lb for a couple singles depending on how I felt. Thought I wouldn’t even be able to do the 405lb singles based on how 275/315lb felt, but then 365lb felt fine, so I went for 405lb. That also felt fine, so I went with the singles.

BTN press (45lb)-5x16
Kneeling ab-wheel roll-out-5x10

Going to go with RFESS and probably the modified single-leg squat and avoid front squatting for the time being. Balancing and ROM wasn’t great but I’m pleased I even managed to do this. I think yoga helped with it.

Right knee feels itchy right now; not sure how to interpret that.


Thurs 12/20-

Squat (SS pull-up-x3)

Right knee continues to hurt/feel unstable.

RDL-65lb, 5x18
BB row-65lb, 5x20
Hanging leg raise-5x6

Wow, this felt hard. I think it’s because I added four reps on the RDL/BB row when it should have been two. I thought I did 16/18 last time. Need to look at my log beforehand.


Fri 12/21-




Did these off the rack so that I can let my knee heal.

135lbx3, 225/275lbx1

Deadlift not happening today- hamstrings too sore and too tired.

Modified single leg squat-5x10
BTN press- 45lb, 5x17
Hand walk-outs-5x10

The hand walk-outs got really difficult, felt a lot harder than the ab-wheel does. All in all, this sucked real hard. Had to take mini-rests in between everything by the fourth set.