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Magick's Training Log v2



OHP(135lb)/DB row(90lb)/kneeling ab-wheel roll-out-
5x5/5x5/5x8(90 second rest)

Last two reps were push-presses. The big DBs here have bigger grips than what I’m used to, so grip got a good workout.

Very pleased with this.

Dip/rear lateral raise(10lb)/plank-
10x5/2x10, 1x6, 3x8, 4x10(or something like that)/10x 30 second (30 second rest)

one arm DB OHP/DB curl-
25lb, 5x10 (45 second rest)

Felt great today.



275lb, 4x6 (90 second rest)

Felt like solid effort. 315lb did not feel difficult. Big grind on the last rep of 275lb.

Clean grip reverse lunge-
95lb, 3x5 (60 second rest)

Legs didn’t have much left.

Pull-up/single leg deadlift/alternating between plank and downward dog-
10x4/10x5/10x 30 second (30 second rest)

Pull-ups started to get a tiny bit difficult near the end. I wanted to do some form of step-ups, but couldn’t find a platform to do them. Legs didn’t move well on the deadlifts anyhow, so probably a good thing that I couldn’t find a platform.

I like this conceptually- Active rest and I can work in various static positions that I wouldn’t be doing elsewhere normally. Ideally I work up to doing this for the full minute.


I think my back rounds on 405lb. Honestly did this as an ego thing.

I got pissed off needlessly in the gym today. Waited a good 40 minutes for an ass to finish “squatting”. I have a huge pet peeve against so-called powerlifters who take ridiculously long rest periods while doing hardly any work.

I wouldn’t mind it if it’s people who are actually strong- like they’re lifting 405lb+ for reps and they want to be fresh for each attempt.

I get angry if they’re squatting 135lb with a stance width that probably only geared lifters would use. Then they pop the belt off as if they’ve just done something incredible.

Fuck belts. I honestly believe most people who lift with belts at large commercial gyms do it cause they think it just makes them look cool. They don’t even make them tight enough to be useful- they just slap that thing on as if the mere act of putting it on is enough.




Clean and push-press-
175lb, 5x1/1x4, 1x5, 3x3(90 second rest)

Not sure why I failed the 155lb. I am guessing that I didn’t start the movement right, cause the bar never felt like it went anywhere.

Cleans feel good. I need to pay attention to how I initiate the movement now that I have circle plates- I’ve found myself unknowingly rolling the bar and getting it close to my shins on the warm-up. Stopped doing that around 155lb, but something I need to pay attention to.

These all felt like real push-presses, which is a plus. The minus is that I seemed to have lost all ability to even attempt a jerk.

Bench press-

Super long grind on last rep of 185lb. I think it literally took me like 5+ seconds to grind that thing up.

All the benches here appear to be messed up.

DB bench-
75lb, 4x6 (60 second rest)

Lying leg raise into hip thrust-

Did a dragon flag for a set of three somewhere in there- felt hard.

Rear delt raise-
15lb, 4x10

55lb, 1x25, 2x15

DB curl-
20lb, 3x15, 1x10



135lb, 5-6x3
335lb, 3x5 (90 second rest)

Planned on doing triples up to 405lb, but things got too grindy on the second rep and I felt like I should have stopped at 375lb to begin with. Wanted to do more sets with 335lb but I scratched my shin…

Front squat-
175lb, 3x8 (60 second rest)

Pull-up/push-up/hanging leg raise/various lunge and cossack squats-

Mile jog and walk at 5% incline. 4.0 speed for the jogs, 3.8 speed for the walks. .25/.25/.25/.25



245lb, 5x5 (30 second rest)

My hip and left side are feeling off, probably because of the first real yoga session I did back on Saturday and whatever the heck it did. 295lb felt really light but my body felt super twisted and weird- stopped the moment things started feeling too weird.

As with the 225lb, the 245lb didn’t feel that bad but it pretty much wrecked me and left me with little energy.

225lb, 1x15, 1x12(TnG)

Pull-up/push-up/hanging leg raise/alternating between forward and reverse lunge-

This got really hard. Did not recover at all from the squat/deadlift

Lat pull-down-
150lb, 7/5/4

Yup, not recovered at all.


Was it hot in the gym? The heat can kill recovery in between sets and ruin a workout


No, in fact some parts feel like the AC is too strong.

I think it’s that the 30 second rests are difficult given my current level of conditioning. My guess is that I just have to push through and adjust volume on the other things so that I can build back up- I do want to be able to further reduce rest time.



OHP(135lb)/DB row(75lb)/ab-wheel roll-out-
5x4/5x5/5x8(90 second rest)

Various degrees of leg drive today. Didn’t have anything for true strength stuff. I got very shitty sleep, so I blame it on that.

Weighted dip(+10lb)/rear delt raise(10lb)/alternating between plank and downward dog-
10x5/10x10/10 sets of 30 second.

DB curl-
20lb, 25/15/15 (30 second rest)




245lb felt weak, so I figured 315lb wouldn’t happen today. 285lb then felt better than expected and I went for 315lb. First two reps felt ok, grindy on last rep.

275lb felt much harder than it had any right to be, so stopped.

Clean grip reverse lunge-
45lbx5, 105lbx1, 45lbx10

Right knee/quads are shot. Couldn’t even get a clean rep with 105lb.

Pull-up/various single leg movements/rotating between plank, side plank, downward dog (30 second rest)
5x5, 5x4/10x5/10 sets of 30 seconds

Right knee area/quads in a good bit of pain when I attempted single leg deadlifts.

Treadmill walk at 5%incline, 3.8 speed for one mile.

So, I felt like I was going to fall asleep today while driving to work and pretty much stayed awake on coffee. Legs felt a kind of deep soreness as I warmed-up, and it’s clear that they haven’t recovered much from Monday. Surprised that the 315lbx3 felt as easy as it did.

We’ll see what happens on tomorrow and Friday.



Power clean and push-press-
155lb, 5x3/5x5 (90 second rest)

Had bad stomach problems at night and an uncomfortable feeling continued right before lifting, so I got worried that I’m going to have issues while doing stuff + I think my right knee is slightly injured, so didn’t push anything.

Felt fine for the most part- the push-press wasn’t as good as normal.

This felt pretty easy conditioning-wise.

DB bench/lying leg raise into hip thrust-
45/55/65/75lbx5, 85x3/5x5

Wanted to test 5rm. The actual act of pressing 85lb felt fine, but felt very unstable when I brought the DBs back down to my chest. Stopped at 3 because I got scared of losing control over the DBs in a very crowded gym.

One-arm DB OHP(30lb)/DB curl(20lb)/hanging knee raise-
5x10/1x10, 4x8/5x5 (30 second rest)

Left shoulder felt like it was going to fall out from the knee raises.



445lb, 1x0, 1x1
335lb, 4x5 (90 second rest)

445lb felt heavy in my hands and I stopped roughly around the moment the bar broke the floor. I then realized I was being a giant pansy, rested a bit, then pulled it. Felt better than the last time I did it but not as improved as I thought it would be given the improvements I’ve had with the squat. Need to put more time into deadlifting.

335lb felt a lot easier than last week, but not sure if that’s because I didn’t do the double on 405lb or because I’m regained some deadlifting ability- I do think I need to get a lot more volume work in with deadlifting- this feels a lot more tiring than any other big lift.

Front squat-
135lb, 5x5 (60 second rest)

Knee not healed. I figure ~60-70% if I had to give a number.

Chin-up/push-up/hanging leg raise/cossack squat-

Lat pull-down/single leg deadlift-
135lb, 3x8/3x5

This got pretty difficult.



155lb, 2x7, 1x6 (90 second rest)

BB row-

Attempted super-strict form. Sorta cheating on 205lb and couldn’t get it on 225lb.

BB row(155lb)/dip/kneeling ab-wheel roll-out-
5x8 on everything (90 second rest)

This felt physically exhausting even though I wasn’t actually tired.

Double DB OHP and squat(25lb)/KB swing(24kg)/TRX row/hanging knee raise-
3x10/3x10/3x10/3x5(20 second rest)

Physically exhausted to the point of feeling slightly light-headed/nauseous. I blame the heat. The gym is air-conditioned, though still warm in the summer, but my house is not. I simply do not do well in summer heat and I felt sleepy and tired all day.

Double DB curl-
15lb, 25/15/15




Knee still hurt. Slightly better than Friday, but not enough.

135/225/275/315/365lbx1ish (hook grip)
275lb, 7x6 (60 second rest, TnG)

grip started going, but very easy otherwise.

Pull-up/push-up/hanging leg raise/forward and reverse lunge-

A lot easier when I’m not tired.

Lat pull-down-
135lb, 3x7 (45 second rest)




Felt like the best attempt I’ve done so far- smooth and strong.

BB row-

OHP(135lb)/BB row(135lb)/kneeling ab-wheel roll-out-
5x5/5x6/5x8 (90 second rest)

First set of OHP felt easy, then used varying degrees of leg-drive for set 2-4. Shoulders had nothing left on the last set so push-press.

Dip/rear-delt raise/alternating between plank and downward dog
+25lb, 3x5, 1x5, +10lb 6x5/15lb, 10x8/10 sets of 30 seconds (30 second rest)

One-arm DB OHP(35lb)/DB curl(25lb)/scap row(35lb)/hanging knee raise-
5x8/5x10/5x10/5x5 (30 second rest)

Left arm didn’t feel like it’s going to fall out today.



Was deadlifting on floor with very little padding, so things started to get really noisy.


Nope. Nope. Nope.

NG Pull-up/cossack squat/alternating between side planks, normal planks, downward dog-
10x5/10x5/10 sets of 30 second (30 second rest)




Power clean/push-press-
165lb, 3x3, 2x1/5x5 (90 second rest)

The push-presses got pretty tough at the end.

Realized near the end that stopping the bar on my thighs when I have an injured knee is probably not a good idea, and so cut the reps down on the power cleans.Though not sure if I could have gotten 5x3 on the power clean and still have 5x5 on the push-presses.

Bench press-

DB bench/lying leg raise into hip thrust/rear delt raise-
45/55/65lbx5, 75lb, 1x7, 2x6/6x5/15lb, 6x5 (one minute rest for ramp, 90 second rest for the 75lb)




405lb felt grindy and exhausting nerve-wise? I dunno. Physically felt fine doing these but felt like I was sleeping my way through this, if that makes any sense.

225lb, 6x5 (Paused)

Paused these right after breaking the floor.

Good morning-

Pull-up/push-up/hanging leg raise/alternating between forward and reverse lunge

Some leg curls and back extensions after.



155lb, 8/8/6 (90 second rest)

Went ok.

BB row-
95/115/135/155/185lbx5 (90 second rest)

4x15, 1x10

Hand walk-out-

Didn’t have much time, so just did the ramp sets. Didn’t know where the dip station is, so push-ups instead.

DB OHP/DB curl/hanging knee raise-
25lb, 4x10 on both/4x5




I need to either stop attempting these actually heavy singles or make up my mind and go for them. Stopped pulling the moment grip felt like it was slipping, but who knows…

In any case, the ramp singles felt pretty easy. 425lb felt very solid, hence the 465lb attempt. I think I could have gotten 455 for a hard single.

245lb, 5x5(paused right after I got the bar off the floor, hook grip for the last set), 1x15 (TnG, hook grip)

Chin-up/push-up/hanging leg raise/alternating between forward and reverse lunge-

Conditioning felt fine today but upper back muscles and abs tired out by the third set.

Mile treadmill jog/walk-
.4 speed for the jog, .26 jog/.24 walk/.35 jog/.15 walk

Knee felt good enough to go jogging again.

Knee seems ok on most random activities, but my warm-up squats continue to aggravate it. I don’t think it’s a good idea to do weighted squats until the warm-up squats are painless.




Not great

BB row-

OHP(135lb)/BB row(155lb)/kneeling ab-wheel roll-out-
5x5/5x7/5x8 (90 second rest)

Leg drive here and there on the OHP. Not great today. I went with too much volume on the row I think.

Dip/rear delt raise(15lb)/planks, downward dogs, bird-dogs
10x5/1x8, 9x5/10x 30 second (15 second rest for set 1-6, 30 second rest for set 7-10)

OHP/BB curl-
55lb, 1x25, 1x13, 1x12 (30 second rest)