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Magick's Training Log v2




All mixed grip. Kept going with the 335lb until the reps started slowing down and becoming grindy. I need to stop dancing needlessly and set my foot faster between each reset.

Front squat-
115lb, 5x10

Pull-up off power rack-
11x3 or something. A set for every front squat set I did.

Weighted chin-up(25lb)/modified single leg squat/hanging leg raise(60 second rest)-
1x5, 3x4, 1x3/5x5/5x5

Back extension-

Single leg deadlift/cossack squat-
1x5/1x5, 1x2

Some muscle in my leg felt painful during the cossack squats, so didn’t bother finishing the set.



Bench press-
145lb, 7/7/11 (90 second rest)

BB row-
45lb, 2x10
185lb, 5x6 (90 second rest)

11x5, supersetted them with the BB rows

The rows started to get strenuous on the back, so good weight and reps.

DB OHP(35lb)/goblet squat(50lb)/kettlebell swing(24kg)/TRX row/Kneeling ab-wheel rollout-

Got tired but nowhere near as much as last week. Probably combination of not cleaning every OHP rep + slight improvement in conditioning.

BB curl/BTN press-
50lb, 5x10 (30 second rest)

I had an epiphany regarding my physique. My shoulders are puny in relation to my back and my gut. It makes me look weird.

So I’m going to be dumb and start doing a bunch of fluff for my rear and middle delt with 5lb DBs I have lying around at home. I hope to God that I do overtrain, cause otherwise I’m probably not doing enough.




Head not in it. Brace nowhere near as good as last week.

245lb, 5x7 (60 second rest)

Hook grip. Grip started slipping the moment I pulled on 365lb…

Weighted chin-up(25lb)/goblet reverse lunge(50lb)/hanging leg raise-
3x4, 2x3/5x5/5x5(60 second rest)

Slow descent and pause at bottom. Held pauses too long at the bottom and so going up wasn’t going to happen for those threes.

Lat pull-down/modified single leg squat(30sec rest)-
120lb, 3x12/3x5

Back extension(45sec rest)



Clean and push-press-

OHP/DB row (90 second rest)-
135lb, 5x4
90lb, 5x6

Heavy stuff is not there. I gave up trying to muscle through the reps and started using some leg drive from set three onwards. Rows felt fine.

BB row-

BB row/dip(60 second rest)-
135lb, 5x12
4x9, 1x6

Huge grind on the last 9, went easy on set five. In hindsight 5x12 with the row was a dumb thing to do.

Tried doing DB OHP with 40lb and my back had nothing.

Fixed-weight bar curl-
50lb, 20/20/10

Never done curls with this bar. Felt weird because the weight is a lost closer to my hands.

And that was it.


No shame there. The loss is in stopping.


I planned on doing five sets.



285lb, 4x5, 1x4 (90 second rest)

Head screwed back in. Felt fine. A bit concerned that I had the weight shifted more forward on my feet than I normally do. We’ll see what happens with that.

Clean grip reverse lunge-
65lb, 5x10 (60 second rest)

Last 3 reps from set 3 onwards felt incredibly difficult. First 5-6 reps feel fine, then every part of my body feels like it’s out of oxygen.

Pull-up/push-up/assisted single leg deadlift-
5x5/3x15, 2x10/5x5 (60 second rest)

Lat pull-down-
135lb, 3x8 (60 second rest)

The lunges wiped me out.



145lb, 3x9 (90 second rest)

Power clean and push-press/push-jerk-
155lb, 5x1, 5x5 (90 second rest)

First two sets felt like solid push-presses. Had a god-awful time trying to push-press on set three so went to push-jerks. Stabilizing the weight overhead got tough.

One arm DB bench/DB row/Dragon flag-
25/30/35/40/45lbx5, 5x2

Right hand is pretty stable, but left hand started wobbling from 35 onwards. Tried really had to make the rows be entirely upper back/scapula area. Got difficult on 45lb.

I can now actually lift off from the bench by using my core. My leg still leads, but the rep feels like it initiates from my core. The negative feels good.


Wow, it wobbled? You must be gripping it really tight!