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Magician Bench Press


This guys called dynamo and he's a shit hot magician, who's show has been playing on tv here in the UK over the past few weeks.
On last nights episode he did this:



Ugh. Where do I begin?...


Ha ha...

From what I can make out its 155kg of plates plus 20 for the bar. 175kg= 341lbs (unless my maths are crappy!)

I think he might have mega dosed creatine?


What most amazes me is he did that and kept that blue ball floating.

Also, he's a magician. If I sold my soul to the devil I could bench 4x my bodyweight too.


I doubt there was even 55kg on that bar, never mind 155.
I wonder how many kids went to the gym today thinking they might just give it a 'try'.


Stage magic is about TRICKS. Those plates could be hollow plastic for all we know. Plus, the guy saying "all you" was touching the bar, so it's possible he could have been helping quite a bit.

It's also possible this little dude has freak strength. I once witnessed a guy close to 7 feet tall with legs about as thick as my forearms squat 3 plates for reps. It was his very first time trying to squat and his technique was atrocious. I expected him to get pinned right away, but instead he did "deep knee bends" for like 7 reps! This guy just had wicked natural strength. It's possible this miniature magician is also gifted that way.


Y'all have got to be kidding me. That was clearly fake plates. Look at the way they both lower the bar. The black dude paused like 3 times on the way down. Staged.


Yeah i agree. But i guess that for the general population they wouldn't pick up on things like that. Also, it's magic so people willing suspend belief.


i need some magic plates ASAP to impress the ladies.


i bet the real weight was like 95 lbs but the little guy still needed some assistance to lift it


The plates have no scrape marks which come from constant use. They're pristine. Either they're brand new (unlikely in an established gym) or they're fake.


The youtube clip doesn't show the full scene from the show. The gym is in the police training centre in London. The guy who lifts first is a trainer at the gym, and is also a former gladiator.
I guess the point of having it at the police gym is to give social proof, because there is no way that the police would willingly be part of a deliberate attempt to deceive people, right??


i doubt ANYBODY in that gym can squat 150kg


So retardedly retarded


my friend has seen him live. he said he cut a body in half in front of his eyes, and he couldnt believe it. the man is ridiculously quick.


So thats where I've been going wrong. I need to lower the bar slowly, stop sometimes, make it really uneven, move my head around casually when I'm pushing it back up and show no signs of strain anywhere in the body! I'm off to bench 500.

EDIT: I'm now not interested in any of his tricks after such a stupid idea. I've figured out most his others, shit like this loses you respect. Or insults you if you're really stupid and someone has to tell you its fake.


f & g


Why? He's a magician. It's his job to fool people, and I would wager that quite a few people who are not regular gym goers, would not really see through it so easily.

Its obvious that he cannot lift 155 and so the most simple solution is that he is not in fact lifting 155kgs. But people suspend belief because they want to believe that they have been tricked.


My favorite part was when it tipped at a 20degree angle at the bottom of the movement and he didn't lose his grip.


Yes, the bar doesn't bend with 3 plates on each side. That's the real magic.