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Magic Bullet and George Foreman

Don’t know if they still have some, but I bought my Foreman Grill at Canadian Tire. You might want to check there first.

Hey, yesterday I followed your suggestion and I went to Canadian tire.

I just found and bought the George Foreman’s LEAN MEAN FAT GRILLING MACHINE in special at 50$ instead of the regular price of 79$ so It appeared to be a great deal. Thanks for the reference.

By the way, what are your favorite recipes on george foreman grill?

And I was wondering if it was possible to make some paninis sandwiches with this grill? anybody tried?

My Foreman grill is too small,I can only cook a pound of hamburger on it at a time. I like to toss some meat on it, and then run and take a shower. By the time I’m done I have a nice meal waiting. As far as recipes go: Take meat, add sauce or seasoning, cook, eat. Foreman grills are great.

I had a Foreman Grill years ago and it was too much of a bitch to clean. I see the new ones with the removeable grilling plates, that would make a huge difference in cleanup. I’m lazy when it comes to washing dishes. [/quote]

I have had the family sized foreman grill for awhile…but have not used it much do to the same cleaning issues you mentioned …my mom hated the thing because it was a pain to clean…and now my wife complains about the cleaning aswell…I guess those grooves are a bitch to clean…

regarding the magic bullet you guys got me interested as I use my blender 2-6 times a day…works great but is REALLY loud…does the magic bullet make a lot of noise???

the magic bullet is supposed to be surpringly quiet…