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Magic Bullet and George Foreman



I guess everybody here has already seen the commercial AD of magic bullet?

Maybe it is again one of those useless cooking gadgets but I was wondering if anyone here bought one? Do you like it?

Also, what about a george foreman grill? Is it good for making healthy meals compared to BBQ?

Thanks for any input on this,



Damn, I thought someone had found that lone gunman on the grassy knoll and it turned out to be Foreman.


I got both. The magic bullet is actually really good. I would put some ice in my shakes, and if I blended for too long (maybe 20 - 30 seconds) there would be no ice left! I don't use it much anymore, but it's great for the price.

The Foreman is quite a storied little device. College students everywhere swear by it. It's great for grilling some meat when you're feeling lazy. And clean up is super easy too.

I endorse both. How could you watch either informercial and not immediately by one?


What about, dare I say it...THE JACK LALANE POWER JUICER!! ENDORSED BY THE NUTRITION GURU JACK LALANE HIMSELF. "The juicer is whisper quiet"(YOU CAN BARELY HEAR THE DAMN THING...."I KNOW" and look at all the juice you get, up to 80% more! half a dozen tomatos and carrots go in, one half cup comes out ...The only guru I know of is JB, fuck that.




The Foreman Grill is a necessity for dieting in bodybuilding. It may very well be the greatest creation of the last century next to television and the thong.


I use the Magic Bullet everyday. Cottage cheese, Grow!, peanutbutter, Carb Countdown chocolate: pre-bed meal. It's great for grinding up vegtables so I can trick myself into eating them without having to taste them. I have nothing but good things to say about it.


Which model are you refering to? I'm looking for something as simple as possible but they seem to have dozens of different grills. Thanks.


If you're only cooking for yourself, the small $15 dollar deal is probably the one to get, I've had mine for five years now and love it, it's pretty basic but effective and durable.


I have had all models. The one I use now is the family sized one...because I eat that much food. It would take me a week to cook up enough food for a few days using that small one.


I got the Magic Bullet a while ago and use it every day. I have gotten quite creative with my protein shakes. Frozen berries, oatmeal, flaxseed oil, all that good shit goes into it. I think my diet has gotten better because of it. Use it for salsa, chicken salad, pesto. When I bought it I got 2 for 1 sale. Incredibly easy to clean up. Makes awesome frozen drinks, the thing eats a whole cup of ice in seconds. I can't say enough about it. Fuck, I should buy the company.
I had a Foreman Grill years ago and it was too much of a bitch to clean. I see the new ones with the removeable grilling plates, that would make a huge difference in cleanup. I'm lazy when it comes to washing dishes.


I agree. I'm getting a family size because the mini-me version is just too tiny. You can cook roughly one fat steak on it at a time. It would take me a couple of hours to make a whole package of steak that I'd eat in 2 days.

Right now I've just been using my roommate's grill, but I want to get the foreman family grill for wintertime.


Do some research on the Bullet. Most everything I read are bad reviews.

It's kinda hard to beat a $15 blender IMO.


Well, here's another thumbs up for the bullet. The thing is great. It comes with a bunch of "jars," its easy to clean, and its the perfect size. I really dont know what blender "critics" are looking for. Ive had it for a couple of years, and its still going strong.


These "Mini-Might" blenders are awesome!

I use the "Ultimate Chopper":


It's fast and efficient!



By the way...

Always get the blender attachment for even greater flexibility...



I thought the magic bullet was a "for her use" toy.


hmmm The Magic Bullet varies from about $100 - $60


The $100 kit from the retailer includes a few "free" items and is a 2-for-1 deal. https://www.buythebullet.com/order.php

Anyone out there trusting enought to go in halvsies on the 2-for-1 kit? $50 for the 21 pice kit would be nice.


Today, I went to walmart and I didn't found any foreman grill..only other brands so I wasnt sure...

Do you guys know a good place to buy one on the internet?