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Maggie Gylenhall


Ok so i agree with most guys on here who thing Maggie Gylenhall looks like a melted turd.


I watched Donnie Darko yesterday and i thought to myself while watching, damn she looks fine in this movie i'd defo hit that.

Needless to say i felt used and dirty afterwards and was kinda mad at myself.


The correct ending to your thread title:

"Is a dog"


I too have a strange attraction to Maggie. I realise that makes me a pervert, but I'm OK with that.


I'd rather fuck Justin Bieber.


You were saying?


Would you be the postman or the letterbox?


Yo hallowed, the mods changed the name! it waa originally called 'Maggie'. i do think she's a dog especially in the the Dark Knight but in Donnie Darko i was defo rockin a boner!


I'd be the bearer of very, very bad news for poor little Justin and his tony, innocent, trauma-free way of life.


You've got to be kidding me... She doesn't look bad at all. This is "e-standards" at it's finest.


I'm not saying she's UGLY... just tentatively suggesting that maybe they miscast the Joker in the latest Batman flick.

And, no, my MSPaint skills aren't going to be getting any better.


I'd hit it.

No wait. I'm thinking of someone else. Zooey Deschaniel. I think that's it.

Yeah, I'd still give it to this broad though.


pretty much the reason i made this read is explained in this pic! However watch Donnie Darko.


Zooey Deschanel is smokin.


"You can all lick my hairy pits!"


Lol, come on man, I'm not saying she's the finest thing in the world or anything. Just pointing out the fact that she's really not bad looking. That's the thing about pictures. There are some where people look great and some where they can look like ass. Just google "bad pictures of celebrities."

As an example:

Damn, she ugly!



Also, I like how you all ignored the good picture I posted of Maggie, lol.


The question of whether or not one would "hit it" is a bit silly; 95% of men would fuck a woodpile on the off chance there's a snake in it.

As much as physical beauty is an aphrodisiac for men, availability is a card that can be played to diminish the importance of that. Within reason, the less attractive a woman is, the more desirable she can be provided she appropriately broadcasts her intentions to get secksed up. Most guys looking to bust a nut would be willing to snag the sure thing immediately rather than pining all night for a woman a few rungs higher up the ladder.

So, yes, I would have sex with her if it required minimal effort on my part. I wouldn't, however, take her out for a nice seafood restaurant and call her again in hopes of tapping that.


I saw it long before Maggie Gylenhall became a "celebrity." Fugly then, fugly now.


I'd hit it.

Are you guys really that picky?


This is about girls i know are ugly and wouldn't fuck with Hitler's dick not random pics of hot girls lookin ugly. Penelope cruz is one of the hottest girls on the planet, maggie however is fuckin ugly but looks hot in Donnie.

I hate myself for writing that sentence...